AWS 加開中歐區 (瑞士,蘇黎世)

AWS 在瑞士蘇黎世開了新的區域,代碼 eu-central-2:「A New AWS Region Opens in Switzerland」,其中代碼 eu-central-1 是德國,這次的歐洲中不稍微往南邊一點開。

I am pleased to announce today the opening of our 28th AWS Region: Europe (Zurich), also known by its API name: eu-central-2.

歐洲的 region 愈來愈多了,但可以看出來東歐一直還沒有點,不過以目前戰火的情況看起來應該不會太快...

AWS 計畫在 2022 下半年開瑞士區

AWS 宣佈要在瑞士開新的區域:「In the Works – New AWS Region in Zurich, Switzerland」。

目標是 2022 的下半年開三個 AZ:

It will open in the second half of 2022 with three Availability Zones and will give developers, startups, and enterprises, as well as government, education, and non-profit organizations the ability to run their applications and serve end-users from data centers located in Switzerland.

如果是講「啟用」的話,接下來應該是 2021 上半年要開的大阪區,先等這個消息好了,不知道 COVID-19 對這些計畫的影響有多大...