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EC2 推出超大的 X1 系列與超小的 T2.Nano

都還沒上線,先公告而已:「EC2 Instance Update – X1 (SAP HANA) & T2.Nano (Websites)」。

Amazon EC2 將會推出了超大的 X1 系列,Intel Xeon E7 系列與 2TB RAM (比很多人硬碟大小還大 XDDD),拿來跑各種暴力應用的:

The X1 instances will be powered by up to four Intel® Xeon® E7 processors. The processors have high memory bandwidth and large L3 caches, both designed to support high-performance, memory-bound applications. With over 100 vCPUs, these instances will be able to handle highly concurrent workloads with ease.

X1 系列預定 2016 年上半年會開放使用:

We expect to have the X1 available in the first half of 2016. I’ll share pricing and other details at launch time.

另外是 T2.Nano,只有 512MB RAM,預定是今年會開放使用:

Later this year we will introduce the t2.nano instance. You’ll get 1 vCPU and 512 MB of memory, and the ability run at full core performance for over an hour on a full credit balance. Each newly launched t2.nano starts out with sufficient CPU Credits to allow you to get started as quickly as possible.

因為 Google Chrome 太慢而換 CPU (以及主機板)

本來是用 AMDX4 905e,拿來跑 Ubuntu 當跳板機,偶而看看影片還算夠用,不過 Google Chrome 的速度已經影響到工作了,星期六晚上家庭聚餐結束後就去八德路上原價屋拿了一顆新的 CPU 與主機板...

換上 IntelXeon E3-1230 v3 後 Ubuntu 也不需要重裝,Google Chrome 的速度也快多了...

取自「PassMark - AMD Phenom II X4 905e - Price performance comparison

取自「PassMark - Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3 @ 3.30GHz - Price performance comparison

沒想到是因為瀏覽器而換 CPU...