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Let's Encrypt 決定要規劃 Wildcard SSL Certificate 了

Let's Encrypt 把時間表喊出來了,預定在 2018 年年初開放使用:「Wildcard Certificates Coming January 2018」。

Wildcard SSL Certificate 會需要走新的 ACME v2 協定認證:

Wildcard certificates will be offered free of charge via our upcoming ACME v2 API endpoint. We will initially only support base domain validation via DNS for wildcard certificates, but may explore additional validation options over time.

跟前陣子提到的「ACME v2 API Endpoint Coming January 2018」是相同的時間。


StackOverflow 預設全上 HTTPS 了...

HTTPS Everywhere 沒什麼感覺,但對於一般人應該不簡單,所以 Nick Craver (根本就是他們家非正式的 PR Engineer XDD 他這幾年寫了不少內部的資訊...) 寫了一篇關於上 HTTPS 的故事:「HTTPS on Stack Overflow: The End of a Long Road」。

其中他們為了支援舊設備 (沒有支援 SNI 的),決定直接把所有 wildcard 類的 SSL certificate 都包進去 (另外找 DigiCert 處理):

然後中間提到這個真的頗無奈的,抱怨 SVG 的 XML... XDDD:

Finding and killing these was a little fun because you can’t just search for "http://". Thank you so much W3C for gems like this:

<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"...

一條辛苦路 XD

奇怪的 Wildcard SSL 取得方式...

在「VMBox.co – 2GB OVZ w/ 2 Free Wildcare SSL @ $5/m」這邊看到的,租 VPS 送兩個 wildcard SSL certificate:

Up to 2 free wildcard SSL available per VPS order in Phoenix or Amsterdam. SSL only to be used on Singlehop network.


WildCard AlphaSSL Certificate - $0.00 USD Free Account
Please note these SSL's are only to be used on our network. They won't be guaranteed if used elsewhere.

不過除了 revoke 以外,想不到其他方式... 所以只要有合約在應該都是生效的?

如果是這樣的話,USD$40/year 就可以買兩個 wildcard SSL certificate 了?比起現在的各家 wildcard SSL certificate 都還便宜...

CA/Browser Forum 在三月底的會議記錄

CA/Browser Forum 三月底的會議記錄裡看到了關於 wildcard ssl certificate 的一些討論,還蠻有趣的:「2016-03-31 Minutes」。

主要是第五條的記錄,在討論更廣泛的 wildcard 用法。首先是 Microsoftww*.example.com 這種 domain 的認定:

Rick said there was a Microsoft tech note that allows ww*.example.com. Jody confirmed the platform supports it.


Rick suggested the BRs be updated to include that. Ryan said that is not a good thing as there are multiple specs that treat this differently and historical context which would make it hard for Google to support such a ballot. Kirk asked why Peter put this in the ballot. He responded that this was raised in the past where people found a discrepancy in relation to other docs. However, given there was not consensus, he would remove from the proposed ballot. Ryan said there is a need for clarification because CAs seem to be interpreting this differently. Peter said he would create a new definition called “wildcard domain name” with an exact definition to avoid confusion and add clarity. Rick said that ideally Microsoft should remove that functionality and update the tech notes. Jody said he would need to consult with his expert on this. Peter said the goal of this ballot was to make it a “consensus” ballot and would remove anything controversial.

看起來還沒有完全定下來,之後的會議記錄可以再看看進展。這對安全性也頗有幫助,舉例來說,我就可以針對不同的服務發不同的 wildcard ssl certificate,像是 test-*.example.com 這樣,而不用另外再建立機制避免 private key 的外流。

WordPress.com 將全面提供 HTTPS 服務

WordPress.com 宣佈將全面提供 HTTPS 服務:「HTTPS Everywhere: Encryption for All WordPress.com Sites」。

其中 wordpress.com 應該是買 wildcard SSL certificate 來做,而 custom domain 的部份將會透過 Let's Encrypt 來做:

The Let’s Encrypt project gave us an efficient and automated way to provide SSL certificates for a large number of domains. We launched the first batch of certificates in January 2016 and immediately started working with Let’s Encrypt to make the process smoother for our massive and growing list of domains.

這包括了對 SPDY + HTTP/2 的支援,使得 HTTPS 的速度不比 HTTP 差 (甚至更快)。

CloudFront 支援 Wildcard Invalidation

在「Amazon CloudFront Makes it Easier to Invalidate Multiple Objects」這邊看到的消息,Amazon CloudFront 總算是支援 Wildcard Invalidation 了。價錢與 Single Object Invalidation 相同,都是每次 USD$0.005。

依照 Invalidating Objects (Web Distributions Only) 這邊的說明,Wildcard 的部份只能用在結尾:

To invalidate objects, you can specify either the path for individual objects or a path that ends with the * wildcard, which might apply to one object or to many, as shown in the following examples:

  • /images/image1.jpg
  • /images/image*
  • /images/*

不過還是有些限制,包括了 Single Object Invalidation 的同時最多 3000 條的限制:

If you're invalidating objects individually, you can have invalidation requests for up to 3,000 objects per distribution in progress at one time. This can be one invalidation request for up to 3,000 objects, up to 3,000 requests for one object each, or any other combination that doesn't exceed 3,000 objects. For example, you can submit 30 invalidation requests that invalidate 100 objects each. As long as all 30 invalidation requests are still in progress, you can't submit any more invalidation requests. If you exceed the limit, CloudFront returns an error message.

以及 Wildcard Invalidation 的同時 15 條限制:

If you're using the * wildcard, you can have requests for up to 15 invalidation paths in progress at one time.

而且每次 invalidate 可能都要 10~15 分鐘:

It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes for CloudFront to complete your invalidation request, depending on the number of invalidation paths that you included in the request.

所以也不是付錢就可以解決所有事情... :o

設定 CloudFront 的 Wildcard SSL (SNI)

不知道為什麼網路上一堆文章寫的超複雜 XD

目前必須使用 CLI 才能上傳 key 與 SSL certificate,所以乖乖的裝上 aws-cli 吧 :p

而通常在買 Wildcard SSL 時會 *.example.com 的時候會簽成 example.com + *.example.com,這時候用 example.com 當名字掛進去:

aws iam upload-server-certificate --server-certificate-name example.com --certificate-body file://server.crt --private-key file://server.key --certificate-chain file://intermediate.crt --path /cloudfront/


aws iam get-server-certificate --server-certificate-name example.com


上傳完成後就可以到 Web Console 上的 CloudFront 部份設定了。

主要是參考「Building a CDN over SSL with CloudFront and SNI」這篇文章的說明,再加上一些亂試後去翻文件確認的結果 :o

用 *.xip.io 測試...

直接看 xip.io 的說明就可以了:「xip.io: wildcard DNS for everyone」。


   resolves to
      www.   resolves to
   mysite.   resolves to
  foo.bar.   resolves to


Wildcard EV Certificate...

Netcraft 這篇「Wildcard EV certificates supported by major browsers」提到幾個重點...

首先是 EV 規範內禁止使用 Wildcard certificate (出自「Guidelines ForThe IssuanceAnd Management Of ExtendedValidationCertificates」):

Wildcard certificates are not allowed for EV Certificates.

然後還是有人發 *.cclearning.accenture.com,而且主流瀏覽器會正常照 EV 模式顯示出來:(這邊拿 Google Chrome 的範例,原文有所有截圖)

只有 Safari 的手機版本當作普通 certificate 處理的:(下面兩張圖,上圖是桌機版,下圖是手機版)

被抓出來鞭後應該會修正... 吧?

Update:感謝 comment 的糾正,Safari 的地方寫錯了...