Fastly 服務掛掉的事件

Hacker News 上看到「Summary of June 8 outage (」這邊的討論,連結是 Fastly 官方先發布的說明:「Summary of June 8 outage」。


10:27 Fastly Engineering identified the customer configuration

另外特別提到了 Fastly 的 WebAssembly 與 Compute@Edge,看起來應該就是這邊炸鍋:

Broadly, this means fully leveraging the isolation capabilities of WebAssembly and Compute@Edge to build greater resiliency from the ground up. We’ll continue to update our community as we make progress toward this goal.

我猜基本的資源保護機制應該有上 (像是在程式裡面自己 call 自己之類的,Fork bomb 之類的),可能是這兩個東西互串的某些部份沒有保護到,就一路把資源吃完炸掉。


Internet Archive 的 Flash 收藏

剛剛看到 Internet Archive 的這篇文章:「Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive」。

Internet Archive 把模擬器掛上去了,所以你可以直接在網站上用這些 Flash 程式:

Great news for everyone concerned about the Flash end of life planned for end of 2020: The Internet Archive is now emulating Flash animations, games and toys in our software collection.

看起來是透過 ruffle + WebAssembly 轉到瀏覽器上面跑:

Utilizing an in-development Flash emulator called Ruffle, we have added Flash support to the Internet Archive’s Emularity system, letting a subset of Flash items play in the browser as if you had a Flash plugin installed. While Ruffle’s compatibility with Flash is less than 100%, it will play a very large portion of historical Flash animation in the browser, at both a smooth and accurate rate.

You will not need to have a flash plugin installed, and the system works in all browsers that support Webassembly.

然後在「Software Library: Flash Showcase」這邊有一些 showcase 可以看,基本上就是測過沒問題的。另外在「Software Library: Flash」看起來就是整包了...

搜了一下以前有在玩的 Zookeeper,好像沒有在裡面...

V8 version 6.5 (Chrome 65) 的改變

V8 version 6.5 將會有不少改變:「V8 release v6.5」。

其中因為 Spectre 的關係,新的 V8 設計了 Untrusted code mode,拿來跑不信任的程式,裡面會設計反制措施。而且這在新版的 Chrome 將會預設開啟:

In response to the latest speculative side-channel attack called Spectre, V8 introduced an untrusted code mode. If you embed V8, consider leveraging this mode in case your application processes user-generated, not-trustworthy code. Please note that the mode is enabled by default, including in Chrome.

另外是針對 WebAssembly 提供邊下載邊 compile 的能力,這讓速度大幅提昇。在原文是拿一個比較大包的 WebAssembly 來測試:

For the graph below we measure the time it takes to download and compile a WebAssembly module with 67 MB and about 190,000 functions. We do the measurements with 25 Mbit/sec, 50 Mbit/sec, and 100 Mbit/sec download speed.

可以看到網路不夠快的使用者就會直接被 compile 速度跟上,讓瀏覽器在下載時就做一些事情。

另外在某些情況下對 Array 的操作會有大幅改善:

這些新功能與改善都會在 Chrome 65 推出。依照「Chrome Platform Status」這邊的資料,stable 版預定在三月初,beta 版應該是要出了... (雖然上面寫著 2/1,但目前好像還沒更新)

所有主流瀏覽器的最新版都支援 WebAssembly 了

Mozilla 的「WebAssembly support now shipping in all major browsers」提到了最近幾個禮拜,新版的 SafariEdge 都相繼支援 WebAssembly 了:

In the past weeks, both Apple and Microsoft have shipped new versions of Safari and Edge, respectively, that include support for WebAssembly.

由於 ChromeFirefox 都已經支援了,這宣告 WebAssembly 的障礙都已經排除了,接下來只是時間的問題... 對於需要效能的應用程式來說多了一個方式加速。

V8 JavaScript 引擎將支援 WebAssembly

V8 JavaScript 引擎宣佈支援 WebAssembly:「Experimental support for WebAssembly in V8」。

依照說明,看起來在 Google Chrome 51 之後的版本 (目前是在 Chrome Canary) 可以打開 chrome://flags#enable-webassembly 啟用 WebAssembly 測試。