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維基百科推出了新版的介面:「Just how many people are reading Wikipedia in your country, and what language are they using?」。 We recently released a new interactive visualization of Wikipedia traffic by country and language. Called WiViVi, which stands for Wikipedia Views Visualized, the new … Continue reading

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玩 Python 下的 ggplot

在「A Dramatic Tour through Python’s Data Visualization Landscape (including ggplot and Altair)」這邊又再次看到 Python 下的 ggplot,以為還算好裝,但實際上好像有點難裝 XD 我平常用的環境是 pyenv 跑 Python 3.5.2。而跑 ggplot 需要用到 _tkinter,這個模組,而這個模組在 Python 3 應該是內建的... 只要你有先裝 tk-dev @_@ 所以在弄了半天發現這個問題後,先把 tk-dev 補裝上,再重新安裝 Python 3.5.2: $ sudo apt-get install tk-dev … Continue reading

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