EC2 要從 Instance 數量限制改成 vCPU 數量限制

這算是 AWS 的保護機制,在 Amazon EC2 上能開的機器數量都是有限制的。

打算要用新的 vCPU 數量限制取代舊的 Instance 數量限制:「Using new vCPU-based On-Demand Instance limits with Amazon EC2」,然後現在可以先加入:「vCPU-based On-Demand Instance Limits are Now Available in Amazon EC2」。

這次改善的問題是,以往 m5.largem5.xlarge 是兩個不同的限制,所以用起來會比較卡,現在則改成用 vCPU 來管理。

這次的架構是改成,一般性的機器會有一個 vCPU 數量限制,其他不同特性的各自有自己的 vCPU 數量限制:

In addition to now measuring usage in number of vCPUs, there will only be five different On-Demand Instance limits—one limit that governs the usage of standard instance families such as A, C, D, H, I, M, R, T, and Z, and one limit per accelerated instance family for FPGA (F), graphic-intensive (G), general purpose GPU (P), and special memory optimized (X) instances.

9/24 可以先手動加入,會拿你現在的量會換算過去,然後 10/24 會全部都轉過去:

During a transition period from September 24, 2019, through October 24, 2019, you can opt in to receive vCPU-based instance limits. When you opt in, EC2 automatically computes your new limits, giving you access to launch at least the same number of instances (if not more) than you do currently. Beginning October 24, 2019, all accounts will switch to vCPU-based instance limits, and the current count-based instance limits will no longer be supported. Although the switchover will not impact your ability to launch EC2 instances, you should familiarize yourself with the new On-Demand Instance limits experience and opt into vCPU limits at a time of your choosing.