Vultr 開始要收台灣的稅了...

這幾天收到 Vultr 的通知信,要收 5% 的稅了:

Dear Valued Client, will start collecting a Value Added Tax (also known as VAT) for services provided after 2018 June 01 in order to comply with new Taiwan regulations. Beginning on 2018 July 1, your invoices will include an additional tax charge of 5% for customers who purchase electronic services in Taiwan. The tax is applied to comply with new Taiwan VAT legislation requiring non-residents who are providing "remote services" to begin collecting Taiwanese VAT on these services when they are provided to Taiwanese residents or persons who are not registered for VAT.

Affected customers need to submit their VAT ID to Vultr. If you don’t provide a business VAT ID, your account charges might increase.

If you have any questions about this upcoming change, please contact our support team today. Thank you again for being a customer!

The Team

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