Google Compute Engine 推出 Custom Machine Type

Google Compute Engine 推出了可以自己設定 CPU 與 RAM 的機器種類:「Custom Machine Types - Compute Engine — Google Cloud Platform」。

可以從 1 個 vCPU 到 32 個 vCPU,而記憶體最多是 6.5GB * vCPU 數,所以理論上最高是 208GB?

Create a machine type with as little as 1 vCPU and up to 32 vCPUs, or any even number of vCPUs in between. Memory can be configured up to 6.5 GB of RAM per vCPU.

計價方式就是 vCPU 算一份,記憶體算一份。記得以前有比較小的 Cloud Service 有提供過類似的計價方式,後來都收掉了...

因為一條 USB 線燒了三個設備...

Benson Leung 花了不少時間在測試 USB 線 (「Google 工程師在 Amazon 上留下對 USB-C 線的精彩評價...」與「Google 工程師在 Amazon 上對 Type C USB 線的評論」),而前陣子他測到一條超棒的 USB 線,把他三個測試設備都燒壞了:(出自這邊)

Surjtech's A-to-C cable seriously damaged a Pixel 2 laptop and two USB PD analyzers.

他在 Amazon 上留下的說明可以看到他發現廠商直接把 GND 與 Vbus 的線接錯了 (這個有厲害...):

I directly analyzed the Surjtech cable using a Type-C breakout board and a multimeter, and it appears that they completely miswired the cable. The GND pin on the Type-A plug is tied to the Vbus pins on the Type-C plug. The Vbus pin on the Type-A plug is tied to GND on the Type-C plug.


I've had the cable taken apart, and we've discovered some interesting details. I'll post a post with pictures soon.

1) Vbus and Gnd are switched. Red wire goes to G on the Type-C's PCB, Black wire goes to V.
2) 10 kΩ resistor instead of 56 kΩ resistor used.
3) resistor hooked up as a Pull-down instead of a pull-up
4) Wire is COMPLETELY missing SuperSpeed wires. It is NOT actually a USB 3.1 cable, even though it has a blue connector on the A side and SuperSpeed logos.

Bad. So bad.

照片可以在這邊看到。看起來 Benson Leung 得再去 Google 內要新的機器來測試了...

Amazon EC2 的 Dedicated Hosts 正式推出

Amazon EC2 在十月預告了 Dedicated Hosts (參考「Amazon EC2 預定要推出的 Dedicated Hosts」),在今天正式推出來讓大家用:「Now Available – EC2 Dedicated Hosts」。

價錢在「Amazon EC2 Dedicated Host Pricing」這邊,租用就是整台一起租用,所以價錢都是以 Instance Family 在計算,在一台 Dedicated Host 上面可以跑的虛擬機數量與 Instance Type 有關,舉例來說:c4 只能跑一個 8xlarge,也可以跑兩個 4xlarge。

一台 Dedicated Host 當然可以跑很多 Instance,不過只能跑一樣的大小的 Instance Type:

I choose the instance type (Dedicated hosts for M3, M4, C3, C4, G2, R3, D2, and I2 instances are available), the Availability Zone, and the quantity (each Dedicated Host can accommodate one or more instances of a particular type, all of which must be the same size).

另外 Dedicated Hosts 一定要放到 VPC 內 (理論上新帳號都有強迫這樣了),不過可以跨 VPC 就是了:

Instances launched on a Dedicated Host must always reside within a VPC. A single Dedicated Host can accommodate instances that run in more than one VPC.

目前能開的數量有限制,有需要更多的人可以開 support ticket 去要:

You can allocate up to 2 Dedicated Hosts per instance family (M4, C4, and so forth) per region; if you need more, just ask.

Google 工程師在 Amazon 上對 Type C USB 線的評論

先前提到「Google 工程師在 Amazon 上留下對 USB-C 線的精彩評價...」,後來這位工程師 Benson Leung 寫了更多的評價出來,在「 Profile for Benson Leung」這邊可以看到。


35 條只過了 6 條,看起來狀況不太好啊 XDDD