AWS 推出了 Live 時全自動上字幕的功能

AWS 推出了在直播時就自動上字幕的功能:「Introducing Live Streaming with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling」,其實就是把現有的服務兜出來:「Live Streaming with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling」。

The solution deploys Live Streaming on AWS which includes AWS Elemental MediaLive, MediaPackage, Amazon CloudFront. The solution also deploys AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Translate.


Amazon Translate 支援繁體中文!

Twitter 上看到 Jeff Barr 提到 Amazon Translate 支援繁體中文與日文的消息:

console 上也可以測試:


Amazon Translate is priced at $15 per million characters ($0.000015 per character).

定價與其他服務相比算是中間... 隔壁微軟Translator Text API 的 PAY AS YOU GO 方案是 $10 (Per million characters),如果有量的話會降更多。而 GoogleCloud Translate 則是 $20 per 1,000,000 characters。

AWS 的翻譯服務:Amazon Translate

Google 的應該是做的最早的,MicrosoftMicrosoft Translator Text API 也出來一陣子了,而 AWS 在這次 re:Invent 推出了自家的翻譯服務 Amazon Translate:「Introducing Amazon Translate – Real-time Language Translation」。

目前還在 Preview,需要申請才能用,不過價目表「Amazon Translate Pricing」已經先出來了 (畢竟已經有競爭對手,可以參考他們的價錢):

Sign up for the Amazon Translate preview today and try the translation service. Learn more about the service by checking out the preview product page or reviewing the technical guides provided in the AWS documentation.


At Preview, Amazon Translate supports translation between English and any of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. Support for more languages is coming soon.