PyPy JIT 的改善

PyPy 這邊看到 JIT 的重大進展:「Better JIT Support for Auto-Generated Python Code」。

他們在 Tornado 上重製出來效能問題,後面也都是用這個例子在測試:

If you render a big HTML template (example) using the Tornado templating engine, the template rendering is really not any faster than CPython.

看起來上的 workaround 是在撞到 trace limit 時標記起來,之後再遇到時就可以跳進 special mode,接著處理下去避免浪費掉之前處理過的 trace:

After we have hit the trace limit and no inlining has happened so far, we mark the outermost function as a source of huge traces. The next time we trace such a function, we do so in a special mode. In that mode, hitting the trace limit behaves differently: Instead of stopping the tracer and throwing away the trace produced so far, we will use the unfinished trace to produce machine code.


看起來這個概念有打算在 3.8 的時候放進去:

The work described in this post tiny bit experimental still, but we will release it as part of the upcoming 3.8 beta release, to get some more experience with it. Please grab a 3.8 release candidate, try it out and let us know your observations, good and bad!

Django 的 template engine 不怎麼快,用 Jinja2 可能是一個方法,但既有的 project 如果有遇到 template engine 的效能問題,也許也可以翻看看 PyPy 解得如何...

Google 與 AWS 都釋出往 OpenTelemetry 靠攏的消息

前幾天看到 GoogleAWS 都釋出往 OpenTelemetry 靠攏的消息:「OpenTelemetry's First Release Candidates」以及「Public Preview – AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry」。

AWS 這邊的 AWS X-Ray 看起來跟 OpenTelemetry 有點關係,找了一下果然發現之前有些計畫在跑:「AWS X-Ray SDK w/ OpenTelemetry API」,不過看起來後續應該是由「AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry」這個計畫接手了。

另外 Google 這邊看起來則是 Cloud Trace 這個產品線,本來在推的 OpenCensusOpenTracing 從網站上可以看到決定會再支援兩年,但重心會改放到 OpenTelemetry 上:

OpenCensus and OpenTracing have merged to form OpenTelemetry, which serves as the next major version of OpenCensus and OpenTracing. OpenTelemetry will offer backwards compatibility with existing OpenCensus integrations, and we will continue to make security patches to existing OpenCensus libraries for two years.

翻了一下 Azure 相關的消息,先前有一些稿子是會往 OpenTelemetry 支援,但這一波沒看到新聞稿...

讓 Laravel 的 PHPUnit 在發生錯誤時把 Stack 丟出來

這兩天又遇到一次,這應該是 Laravel 裡設計比較奇怪的地方,既然是跑 PHPUnit 的環境,為什麼不預設在錯誤發生時把完整的 stack 拋到 console...

這邊的解法是參考「Laravel: How to enable stacktrace error on PhpUnit」這篇的解答。

舊版需要自己丟 handler 進去 (5.4 以及之前的版本),在 5.5+ (寫這篇時最新的穩定版本已經是 5.6) 有內建 withoutExceptionHandling() 可以用,所以在 tests/TestCase.php 內搞定 setUp()

    protected function setUp()

不知道有沒有機會直接進 Laravel 的 package 設定裡面...