Windows 11 瘦身版本的 Tiny11

Tiny11NTDEV 弄出來的精簡版 Windows 11:「De-Bloated Windows 11 Build Runs on 2GB of RAM」。HN 上對應的討論在「De-Bloated Windows 11 Build Runs on 2GB of RAM (」。

It just uses around 8GB of space compared to the 20+GB that a standard installation does.


This OS install “is not serviceable,” notes NTDev. “.NET, drivers and security definition updates can still be installed from Windows Update,” so this isn’t an install which you can set and forget.

另外像是透過 WinSxS 安裝的功能 (包括語言) 會無法安裝:

Moreover, removing the Windows Component Store (WinSxS), which is responsible for a fair degree of Tiny11’s compactness, means that installing new features or languages isn’t possible.

但我記得拔掉 WinSxS 應該會影響蠻多東西的?這樣的系統應該是拿來跑跑 CI 或是固定用途還行,一般性的用途不知道會卡多少東西...


In testing, NTDev said that Tiny11 could “run great” on a system with just 2GB of RAM.