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Netflix 對 Landing Page 的效能改善計畫...

幹掉 React (噗): Removing client-side React.js (but keeping it on the server) resulted in a 50% performance improvement on our landing page pic.twitter.com/vM7JhWhYKu — Netflix UI Engineers (@NetflixUIE) October 26, 2017 官方帳號丟戰文出來... 後面就有人開始亂 XDDD everyone keeps talking about this PlainJS … Continue reading

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Firefox 的 Input 要支援 Date/Time 格式了

在 Hacker News Daily 上看到六月的文章,看起來是 Firefox 下一個版本要支援所以冒出來了:「Date/Time Inputs Enabled on Nightly」。 然後支援多國語系:(官方拿的範例剛好就是中文) 依照 MDN 上的說明「<input type="date">」以及 Can I Use 往站上的說明「Can I use Date and time input types」,可以看到這樣又多了一個瀏覽器啦: Safari 被稱為新世代的 IE 真不是蓋的 XDDD

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Facebook 在 MySQL 裡存時間的型態

在 MySQL at Facebook 的這邊說明提到了,Facebook 內部是使用 INT UNSIGNED 儲存時間: Which gets us to the point that it is no different than storing INT (hello 2038?) or UNSIGNED INT (a bit later) or BIGINT (till the end of time) and possibly … Continue reading

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除了 DNS 的 TTL 外,還有瀏覽器本身的 cache time...

在看「Reviewing Fastly’s New Approach To Load Balancing In The Cloud」這篇的時候被提醒: However, most browsers have implemented their own caching layer that can override the TTL specified by the server. In fact, some browsers cache for 5-10 minutes, which is an eternity … Continue reading

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Amazon ECS 可以跑 cron job 了...

在 Amazon ECS 上面固定時間跑某些東西,以前得自己用 AWS Lambda 帶 (或是自己架,不過這樣就要自己考慮 High Availability 架構了),現在則是直接支援:「Amazon ECS Now Supports Time and Event-Based Task Scheduling」。 Previously, you could start and stop Amazon ECS tasks manually, but running tasks on a schedule required writing and integrating an … Continue reading

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微軟的 Time Service 回應錯誤的時間...

看起來會有不少災情 (像是 SQL Server 遇到使用 server side 的時間的 SQL query):「Windows Time Service is sending out wrong times and that’s a big problem」,報導裡引用了 Reddit 上「PSA: time.windows.com NTP server seems to be sending out wrong time」這邊的討論串。 為了避免這種情況,不同單位會用不同方法解決。像是財力充足的 Google 就自己搞了原子鐘,然後還放 Google Public NTP … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2 上的 gettimeofday 與 clock_gettime 的效能

看到「Two frequently used system calls are ~77% slower on AWS EC2」這篇在講 gettimeofday 與 clock_gettime 的效能,另外搜資料時發現應該也是作者提問的「gettimeofday() not using vDSO?」這篇。 在 EC2 比較新的機器上用 tsc 應該是沒問題的 (在 2015 的時候官方就這樣建議了): it seems tsc support in Xen has improved with version 4.0 and with improved … Continue reading

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DynamoDB 推出 TTL 功能

DynamoDB 推出了依照時間自動刪除的功能:「New – Manage DynamoDB Items Using Time to Live (TTL)」。 You can enable this feature on a table-by-table basis, specifying an item attribute that contains the expiration time for the item. 這個功能比較特別的是,刪除的 scan 是不收取費用的: There is no charge for … Continue reading

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Cloudflare 因為閏秒炸掉...

Cloudflare 這次閏秒炸掉:「How and why the leap second affected Cloudflare DNS」,影響範圍包括了 DNS query 與 HTTP request: At peak approximately 0.2% of DNS queries to Cloudflare were affected and less than 1% of all HTTP requests to Cloudflare encountered an error. 主要的原因在於 … Continue reading

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