FreeBSD 把 root 預設的 shell 改成 /bin/sh

Hacker News 首頁上看到 FreeBSD 把 root 的 shell 從 /bin/csh 換成 /bin/sh 了:「sh(1): make it the default shell for the root user」,Hacker News 上的討論也可以看一看:「FreeBSD switches the default root shell from csh to sh (」。

依照說明是把 FreeBSD 的 /bin/sh 加上了不少東西,所以算是堪用了:

In the recent history sh(1) has gain the missing features for it to
become a usable interractive shell:
- command completion
- persistent history support
- improvements on the default bindings in emacs mode
- improvements in the vi mode (repect $EDITOR)
- print a newline when exiting via ^D
- default prompt and improvements on how PS1 can be configured
- and more.

This changes also simplifies making tiny freebsd images with only sh(1)
as a shell

以前也是用 csh 系列的 (像是 tcsh),後來開始用 Linux 就往 BashZsh 定居了...