Pointer tagging

Hacker News 上看到「Pointer Tagging for x86 Systems (lwn.net)」這篇,在講目前的 64 bits 環境下還不可能提供整個 64 bits 可以定位的位置,所以 pointer 裡面比較高的那些位置就可以被拿來挪去其他用的想法。

先算了一下數字,如果以 8 bits 為一個單位來算,之前經典的 32 bits 定位空間是 4GB,40 bits 是 1TB,這兩個都已經有機器可以做到了 (AWS 提供的 u-12tb1.112xlarge 是 12TB)。

接下來的 48 bits 的時候可以到 256TB,這個不確定目前有沒有單一機器可以做到 (印象中 IBM 好像很喜歡幹這個?),56 bits 則是到 64PB,最後的 64 bits 則是 16EB。


Pinboard 收購 Delicious

Pinboard 收購了 Delicious:「Pinboard Acquires Delicious」。

Maciej Cegłowski (Pinboard 的創辦人) 本來就是一個嘴巴很「(逼~)」的人,Pinboard 的官方 Twitter 帳號一直都是很有趣的內容 XDDD

這次公告的稿子裡面提到他為什麼買 Delicious 也是酸到爆炸 XDDD

Delicious has over a billion bookmarks and is a fascinating piece of web history. Even Yahoo, for whom mismanagement is usually effortless, had to work hard to keep Delicious down. I bought it in part so it wouldn’t disappear from the web.

然後最後面也是很傲氣的結尾 XDDD

In December of 2010, Yahoo announced it was ‘sunsetting’ Delicious, an adventure I wrote about at length. The site was sold to the YouTube founders in 2011. They subsequently sold it to Science, Inc. in 2014. Science sold it to Delicious Media in 2016, and last month Delicious Media sold it to me.

Do not attempt to compete with Pinboard.

Facebook 的臉部辨認系統將被搬上法院,確認是否違法

在「Lawsuit challenging Facebook’s facial recognition system moves forward」這邊提到了 Facebook 的臉部辨認系統將被搬上法院確認是否違法。

Facebook 首先提出 Terms of Service 內規定不受依利諾州法律管理,只受加州以及聯邦法律管理,而依利諾州推翻這項規範,認為原告有權在依利諾州提起訴訟:

Today's decision focused on the question of whether the Illinois law is applicable to Facebook, one of the major legal hurdles facing the plaintiffs. Facebook's Terms of Service maintains that the the company is only bound by California and federal laws, and the company had moved to dismiss the case on those grounds. But today, the judge ruled that the terms-of-service clause isn't sufficient to nullify the Illinois law. As a result, the plaintiffs have a valid claim under the Illinois biometrics law and the case can proceed.