OpenBSD 提供了關閉 Nagle's algorithm 的 sysctl 選項

看到「Demise of Nagle's algorithm (RFC 896 - Congestion Control) predicted via sysctl」這篇,OpenBSD 提供 sysctl 的選項直接關閉 Nagle's algorithm

The below changeset introduces sysctl net.inet.tcp.nodelay, which if set to 1 will simply cause TCP_NODELAY to be set on all TCP sockets.

不過裡面提到了 John Nagle 在 2015 年的時候有在 Hacker News 上面回覆 (id=10608356),大概介紹了一下背景,以及提出了他的看法:

That still irks me. The real problem is not tinygram prevention. It's ACK delays, and that stupid fixed timer. They both went into TCP around the same time, but independently. I did tinygram prevention (the Nagle algorithm) and Berkeley did delayed ACKs, both in the early 1980s. The combination of the two is awful. Unfortunately by the time I found about delayed ACKs, I had changed jobs, was out of networking, and doing a product for Autodesk on non-networked PCs.

然後翻了一下 John Nagle 的 Hacker News 帳號,看起來還蠻活躍的?常常 comment 一些東西...