GitHub 宣佈將在 2024 移除對 Subversion 支援

GitHub 從 2010 年的愚人節時宣佈支援 Subversion:「Announcing SVN Support」,雖然是愚人節的功能,但這個功能是會動的。

而這個功能出現十多年後,可以預期用的人愈來愈少。前幾天 GitHub 宣佈將在大約一年後的 2024/01/08 停止支援 Subversion:「Sunsetting Subversion support」。

然後在 Hacker News 上的討論「GitHub Sunsetting Subversion Support (」則是直接讓 Scott Chacon (GitHub co-founder,同時也是第一篇公告文的作者 + 這個功能的兇手之一) 出來解釋當初搞出這個東西的前因與後果,還有一些感想。

裡面有提到這個功能當初推出來的時候是個好玩的性質,但意外的在上線後發現也讓一些老系統可以比較容易轉移:也就是讓 developer 可以先開始用 Git,但 CI 類的工具可以先不用改。

As one of the GitHub cofounders and the brainchild of this particular feature, I want to let everyone know that this is maybe the funniest thing I've ever done.

We released this feature and published the announcing blog post, on April Fool's Day, 2010. I remember demoing it to the other GitHub guys and saying how funny it would be if we made this an April Fool's day post as though it was a big stupid joke but then it actually completely worked on every repository we had and we all thought it would be great. Until nobody believed us. Which in hindsight we should have seen coming, since that was the joke, but nobody actually tried it. Then people tried it and it worked and they thought it was a trick or something.

It was really helpful for people migrating from legacy SVN based systems to us (CI and stuff) but I'm surprised to some degree that it's still running 13 years later when nobody is really facing that issue anymore. And I'm still undecided if the joke was worth the massive confusion it caused. But if I'm pressed, I would say that I would 100% release it on April Fool's Day again.


FreeBSD 要從 Subversion 換到 Git

#bsdchat 上面看到 FreeBSD 提供了 Git repository,翻了一下看起來是最近在切換,這邊有翻到慣例的 HEADS UP:「HEADS UP: FreeBSD changing from Subversion to Git this weekend」。

The FreeBSD project will be moving it's source repo from subversion to git starting this this weekend. The docs repo was moved 2 weeks ago. The ports repo will move at the end of March, 2021 due to timing issues.

大概是 2008 年先把 src tree 從 CVS 換到 Subversion 上:「FreeBSD src 部份由 CVS 轉換到 Subversion」。

然後 2012 年把 ports tree 換過去:「FreeBSD ports 將從 CVS 轉移到 Subversion 上...」。

雖然已經很久沒用 FreeBSD 了 (最近碰到最接近的系統應該是 pfSense),但還是先恭喜他們總算要切換了,兩邊的能量差太多了...

DefaultCcPlugin 改 Component 不會增加 Cc 列表的問題...

TracDefaultCcPlugin 裡有個很喜歡用的 feature:改 component 後會自動增加該 component 的 cc list。但這在 Changeset 13747 被「修正」掉了:

0.3dev: Only append to CC field when ticket is created. Fixes #11624.
Previously the CC field would be modified on Preview and during any ticket change, however these would often go undetected since the field is de-duplicated on save.

而這個 plugin 還是用 Subversion 管理,本來找了一堆 svn2git 的工具,後來發現 Git 所以靠 git-svn 拉下來再改,然後再丟出來:「gslin/defaultccplugin」。

SHA-1 插曲...

把之前兩個不一樣的 PDF (但是 SHA-1 一樣) 塞到 Git 裡面,然後其他程式發現問題而炸掉了 XDDD

FreeBSD ports 將從 CVS 轉移到 Subversion 上...

有陣子的新聞了:「[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] [HEADS UP] Ports tree migration to Subversion」。

預定是 7/14 要轉換,轉換完成後仍然會有程式把 Subversion repository 的變更同步到 CVS 上,所以本來用 csupcvsup 的人仍然可以取得更新。

當初選 Subversion 的原因是什麼啊?又是 GPL license issue 嗎?