InterNetNews (INN) 在測試 Git

在 mailing list 上看到「Test Git repository for INN」這個消息,看起來 InterNetNews 也在嘗試換到 Git 上了,目前是選擇用 GitHub,在「InterNetNews/inn」這邊。

整個從 CVS 換到 Subversion 再到現在開始進入 Git 的環境了。

沒有全部自己搞的理由也有提到,主要就是免費與方便,然後社群也已經知道 GitHub 是什麼了:

GitHub was chosen because it's (a) free (as in price), (b) widely understood and used already, and (c) easy for me to set up. I know some folks have reservations about GitHub because it's not free software, and I understand, but I don't think we're committing heavily to their platform (everyone who has a clone of the Git repository has all the important data and can move it elsewhere), and other things like GitLab are only open core anyway. Hosting everything on 100% free software (depending on the choice of free software) loses us some useful features (I plan to set up GitHub Actions for CI) and requires more resources that I don't really have to spend on it. That said, everyone is certainly welcome to mirror the Git repository elsewhere if they want.

之後會跑 CI,算是這些年軟體工程必備的工具了...

FreeBSD 要從 Subversion 換到 Git

#bsdchat 上面看到 FreeBSD 提供了 Git repository,翻了一下看起來是最近在切換,這邊有翻到慣例的 HEADS UP:「HEADS UP: FreeBSD changing from Subversion to Git this weekend」。

The FreeBSD project will be moving it's source repo from subversion to git starting this this weekend. The docs repo was moved 2 weeks ago. The ports repo will move at the end of March, 2021 due to timing issues.

大概是 2008 年先把 src tree 從 CVS 換到 Subversion 上:「FreeBSD src 部份由 CVS 轉換到 Subversion」。

然後 2012 年把 ports tree 換過去:「FreeBSD ports 將從 CVS 轉移到 Subversion 上...」。

雖然已經很久沒用 FreeBSD 了 (最近碰到最接近的系統應該是 pfSense),但還是先恭喜他們總算要切換了,兩邊的能量差太多了...

DefaultCcPlugin 改 Component 不會增加 Cc 列表的問題...

TracDefaultCcPlugin 裡有個很喜歡用的 feature:改 component 後會自動增加該 component 的 cc list。但這在 Changeset 13747 被「修正」掉了:

0.3dev: Only append to CC field when ticket is created. Fixes #11624.
Previously the CC field would be modified on Preview and during any ticket change, however these would often go undetected since the field is de-duplicated on save.

而這個 plugin 還是用 Subversion 管理,本來找了一堆 svn2git 的工具,後來發現 Git 所以靠 git-svn 拉下來再改,然後再丟出來:「gslin/defaultccplugin」。

在 Git/Mercurial/Subversion 上 "-" 發生的問題

在「[ANNOUNCE] Git v2.14.1, v2.13.5, and others」這邊看到 - 開頭產生的問題:

These contain a security fix for CVE-2017-1000117, and are released in coordination with Subversion and Mercurial that share a similar issue. CVE-2017-9800 and CVE-2017-1000116 are assigned to these systems, respectively, for issues similar to it that are now addressed in their part of this coordinated release.

這算是老問題了,Git 對應的修正主要是朝 filter input 的方向修正,包括了禁用 - 開頭的 hostname,以及禁止 GIT_PROXY_COMMAND- 開頭,另外是禁止開頭是 - 的 repository name:

  • A "ssh://..." URL can result in a "ssh" command line with a hostname that begins with a dash "-", which would cause the "ssh" command to instead (mis)treat it as an option. This is now prevented by forbidding such a hostname (which should not impact any real-world usage).
  • Similarly, when GIT_PROXY_COMMAND is configured, the command is run with host and port that are parsed out from "ssh://..." URL; a poorly written GIT_PROXY_COMMAND could be tricked into treating a string that begins with a dash "-" as an option. This is now prevented by forbidding such a hostname and port number (again, which should not impact any real-world usage).
  • In the same spirit, a repository name that begins with a dash "-" is also forbidden now.

然後中華電信的 DNS server ( & 都查不到,改用 Google 的 才查得到... =_=

SHA-1 插曲...

把之前兩個不一樣的 PDF (但是 SHA-1 一樣) 塞到 Git 裡面,然後其他程式發現問題而炸掉了 XDDD

Subversion 還原檔案的方式...

太久沒用 Subversion 了,為了用 才又接觸...

Git 下改錯內容後可以用 git checkout -f filename 恢復,在 Subversion 下則是用 revert 恢復:

svn revert filename

svn help revert 可以看到完整的說明,包括恢復整個目錄的方式。

FreeBSD ports 將從 CVS 轉移到 Subversion 上...

有陣子的新聞了:「[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] [HEADS UP] Ports tree migration to Subversion」。

預定是 7/14 要轉換,轉換完成後仍然會有程式把 Subversion repository 的變更同步到 CVS 上,所以本來用 csupcvsup 的人仍然可以取得更新。

當初選 Subversion 的原因是什麼啊?又是 GPL license issue 嗎?