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用郵件訂閱 Google Groups 上的 Mailing List

除了註冊 Google 帳號外,另外一個方式是透過 e-mail 直接登記。在這篇有人問到類似的問題:「How can I subscribe to a Google mailing list with a non-Google e-mail address?」。

不是 Accepted 那個答案,而是 c33s 給的答案:

Look for group email address in the heading of “Group email”, it will look like: Group email (Group Name)@googlegroups.com or visit the group web page on Google Groups, and click on “About this group”.

Send an email to (Group Name)+subscribe@googlegroups.com. +subscribe is the key, which is appended to the end of group’s email address. (Group Name) is the name of the group. Space is substituted by “-” (hyphen).

如果是 trac-announce 這個群組,就寄到 trac-announce+subscribe@googlegroups.com 這個位置,他會寄一封信回來確認,你把整封信回回去就可以了... (信裡有 auth key,寄回去就可以通過)

這個技巧在官方文件裡沒出現過... 但一直都是有效的 :o