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跨群的 Kubernetes 網路層 Submariner

Submariner 是連接兩個不同的 Kubernetes 網路層的軟體:「Cross-Cluster Network Connectivity for Kubernetes」。

目前還在 alpha 階段 (看 GitHub 也可以看出來還很新),在架構面上是使用 IPsec 保護流量:

Submariner is a tool built to connect overlay networks of different Kubernetes clusters. While most testing is performed against Kubernetes clusters that have enabled Flannel/Canal, Submariner should be compatible with any CNI-compatible cluster network provider, as it utilizes off-the-shelf components such as strongSwan/Charon to establish IPsec tunnels between each Kubernetes cluster.

這等於是試著實作 GCP 的跨區內網架構...