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從 IndieHackers.com 上掃出各種「成功的方法」

Indie Hackes 是個放各種「成功案例」的網站: Indie Hackers is a place where the founders of profitable businesses and side projects can share their stories transparently, and where entrepreneurs can come to read and learn from those examples. It's also a community where individual … Continue reading

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Amazon Storywriter

現在是十一月對吧,地球上有哪個地方現在是四月一號嗎... Amazon Storywriter 是個自動排版工具,支援 Google Chrome extension,不過從 screenshot 好像看到特別的東西:「Free Amazon scriptwriting app lets scribes pitch directly to Amazon Studios」。 這字型有種... 不知道要說什麼的感覺啊 XDDD 反而會想要用看看,到底對寫作提昇多少幫助 XDDD

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