Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling 支援 Warm Pools

EC2 推出的新功能:「Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling introduces Warm Pools to accelerate scale out while saving money」。

重點只有這個,這個作法是先把機器準備好,然後關掉放在 stopped 狀態:

Additionally, Warm Pools offer a way to save compute costs by placing pre-initialized instances in a stopped state.

理論上可以快到 30 秒:

Now, these applications can start pre-initialized, stopped instances to serve traffic in as low as 30 seconds.

不過考慮到就算是 stopped 的機器,啟動時還是得去確認有沒有新版程式... 目前可以理解的部份,應該是加快 EBS 的準備時間吧?