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Amazon EC2 上的 gettimeofday 與 clock_gettime 的效能

看到「Two frequently used system calls are ~77% slower on AWS EC2」這篇在講 gettimeofday 與 clock_gettime 的效能,另外搜資料時發現應該也是作者提問的「gettimeofday() not using vDSO?」這篇。 在 EC2 比較新的機器上用 tsc 應該是沒問題的 (在 2015 的時候官方就這樣建議了): it seems tsc support in Xen has improved with version 4.0 and with improved … Continue reading

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Star Trek 五十週年郵票

美國郵局決定要發行 Star Trek 五十週年郵票:「Star Trek Postage Stamps Coming Soon: Celebrating 50 Years of Exploring the Final Frontier」。 也快五十年了啊: The original Star Trek TV series took to the airwaves nearly 5o years ago–on September 8, 1966.

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