CockroachDB 1.0

CockroachDB 推出 1.0 版:「CockroachDB 1.0 is Production-Ready」。CockroachDB 是希望在分散式環境裡打造出有 ACID 特性的服務,這點類似於 GoogleSpanner 架構。

整個系統主要是用 Go 寫成,支援 PostgreSQL 協定,這讓許多現成的應用可以接上去:

Use existing PostgreSQL client drivers or supported ORMs.

而另外一邊有支援 MySQL 協定的 TiDB (剛好也是用 Go 寫的),整個 NewSQL 領域東西愈來愈多了...

Google 的 Cloud Spanner

GoogleCloud Spanner 這個服務拿出來賣了:「Introducing Cloud Spanner: a global database service for mission-critical applications」,以及說明的「Inside Cloud Spanner and the CAP Theorem」。

Cloud Spanner 的規劃上是希望有 RDBMS 的能力 (像是 ACID 特性),又有強大的擴充能力 (scalability) 與可用性 (availability):

Today, we’re excited to announce the public beta for Cloud Spanner, a globally distributed relational database service that lets customers have their cake and eat it too: ACID transactions and SQL semantics, without giving up horizontal scaling and high availability.

在說明裡有提到 Cloud Spanner 是做到 CAP theorem 裡面的 CP:

The purist answer is “no” because partitions can happen and in fact have happened at Google, and during some partitions, Spanner chooses C and forfeits A. It is technically a CP system.

然後把 A 拉高到使用者不會在意 downtime 的程度:

However, no system provides 100% availability, so the pragmatic question is whether or not Spanner delivers availability that is so high that most users don't worry about its outages.

當然,比較讓人爭議的是 Twitter 上 Google Cloud 官方帳號的 tweet,直接講同時解決了 CAP 三個條件: