GitHub 與 OpenAI 合作推出的 GitHub Copilot

Hacker News 首頁上的第一名看到 GitHubOpenAI 合作推出了 GitHub Copilot,對應的討論可以在「GitHub Copilot: your AI pair programmer (」這邊看到。

GitHub Copilot 會猜測你接下來會想要寫的「完整片段」,像是這樣:

不過 Hacker News 上面的討論有參與 alpha 測試的人的評價,大概 1/10 機率會猜對,即使如此,他還是給了很多有用的資訊 (像是函式與變數的名稱):


I've been using the alpha for the past 2 weeks, and I'm blown away. Copilot guesses the exact code I want to write about one in ten times, and the rest of the time it suggests something rather good, or completely off. But when it guesses right, it feels like it's reading my mind.

It's really like pair programming, even though I'm coding alone. I have a better understanding of my own code, and I tend to give better names and descriptions to my methods. I write better code, documentation, and tests.

Copilot has made me a better programmer. No kidding. This is a huge achievement. Kudos to the GitHub Copilot team!

然後也有人笑稱總算找到理由寫 comment 了:


They finally did it. They finally found a way to make me write comments

反過來的另外一個大問題就是 copyright,這點在目前的問答集沒看到... 在 Hacker News 裡面的討論有提到這點,但目前沒有完整的定論。

目前只支援 VSCode,以後也許會有機會透過 LSP 支援其他的編輯器?

另外我想到 Kite 這個 machine learning 的 auto complete 工具,沒有那麼強大但也還不錯?

AMD 推出 FidelityFX Super Resolution

AMD 推出了功能上類似於 NvidiaDLSS 的技術,叫做 FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR),並且 open source 出來:「AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is Here」,另外可以看一下 GPUOpen 官方網站裡面的內容。

DLSS 的機制上可以這樣解釋,遊戲輸出 1080p,透過 machine learning 運算的方式將畫質提升到 2K 或是 4K,這樣比起遊戲直接要計算 2K 或是 4K 的輸出內容,運算量可能會比較少。

不過 DLSS 只能跑在 RTX 20xx 與 30xx 系列的顯卡上,以前的舊顯卡不支援。而先前 AMD 公佈 FSR 的時候,除了是宣示 AMD 也推出類似的技術外,另外一個賣點是 FSR 可以跑在 Nvidia 的顯卡上。

而這次的消息則是又多說明了 open source 的釋出部份,將在七月中放出來:「AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is Here」。

The source code for FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 will be coming to GPUOpen in mid July!


cURL 與 Travis CI 的事件

前幾天 Daniel Stenberg (cURL 的發明人與現在的維護者) 發表一篇從 Travis CI 搬出來的文章,換到 Zuul CICircle CI 上:「Bye bye Travis CI」,對應的 Hacker News 的討論可以在「Bye Bye Travis CI (」這邊翻到。

文章裡提到主要的兩個點是,Travis CI 當初有承諾會提供免費服務給 open source project:

今年的時候整個 Travis CI 的商業收費的機制改了,另外也嚴格增加了對 open source project 的限制,包括了你不能收到任何商業公司或是任何組織的贊助:

Project must not be sponsored by a commercial company or organization (monetary or with employees paid to work on the project)

另外 Daniel Stenberg 在文章裡也表明目前不打算付錢,要找市場上便宜可用的方案 (而目前看起來還有,至少 Zuul CI 與 Circle CI 都在選項內),所以就從 Travis CI 搬離了:

Lots of people have commented and think I’m “whining” about Travis CI charging for something that is useful and that I should rather just pay up. I could probably have gone with that but I dislike their broken promise and that they don’t consider us Open source anymore and I feel I have a responsibility to use the funds we get from gracious donors as wisely and economically as possible, and that includes using no-cost or cheap services rather than services charging thousands of dollars per year.

If there really were no other available and viable options, then paying could’ve been an alternative. Now, moving on to something else was the right choice for us.

然後 Travis CI 過了兩天丟出「Open Source Terms at Travis CI – An Update and Clarification」,雖然沒有表明是在講 cURL,但放在一起看其實也都大概知道發生什麼事情。

看了一下自己的小專案 (更新頻率不高,test case 也不多),丟 Circle CI 還算是夠用,另外自己也有弄個 GitLab,需要的時候也可以在上面跑 CI。

這邊另外看到 cURL 這種大型專案,因為 test case 數量很多,丟到不同的 CI vendor 上跑,看起來是個還不錯的架構...

freenode 又在提醒大家搬到 Libera.Chat 了...

看到「Last remaining >1000 user community channel seized by freenode staff」這篇,freenode 把 ##linux 頻道給綁走了:

Late in the evening of June 12, 2021, freenode staff seized the largest community channel left on freenode.

新家在 Libera.Chat 上面:

Similar hostile takeovers happened to the Python community, GNU and the FSF. More than 700 FLOSS projects have abandoned freenode and now the Linux.Chat community has left as well; find our new home at #linux on Libera and our multi-platform community website here.

翻了一下「IRC Networks - Top 10 in the annual comparison」這邊的資料,看起來這個月月底有機會交叉?

另外文章裡有提到 OFTC (The Open and Free Technology Community),看起來也是個對 open source community 開放的資源...

Brendan Gregg 遇到的 An Unbelievable Demo

Hacker News Daily 上看到的熱門話題,Brendan Gregg 是效能分析領域的大老,現在在 Netflix 工作,在維基百科的條目「Brendan Gregg」上也有提到他的一些知名發明,像是 Flame Graphs:

He has also created visualization types to aid performance analysis, including latency heat maps, utilization heat maps, subsecond offset heat maps, and flame graphs.

昨天他發了一篇文章在講之間他遇到的事情,原文把過程寫的很有戲劇性,值得去看一看:「An Unbelievable Demo」,而 Hacker News 上的討論也很精彩:「An Unbelievable Demo (」,還引出了 Colin Percival 也分享他的經驗。

快速講 Brendan Gregg 遇到的事情,2005 年時 Brendan Gregg 因為業務上的需要 (他當年是效能分析的顧問),幫 Sun 推出的 DTrace 寫了一包工具,叫做 DTraceToolkit,用 GPLv2 或是 CDDL 釋出。

這包工具被 Sun 的人拿去用,並且拔掉作者與授權資訊,然後還被拿去「世界巡迴」介紹這個工具,最後在雪梨的時候居然是拿來介紹給 Brendan Gregg,然後被原作者打臉。

不過他後來還是加入了 Sun... XDDD

Colin Percival 的故事則沒有牽扯到 copyright issue,不過也很有趣,這邊提到的是 bsdiff,也是個經典的工具:

Reminds me of when Apple started providing "smaller size updates" to OS X. I was curious about the details since my doctorate had touched on the topic, so I worked my contacts (I had a few in Apple engineering from the FreeBSD / OS X relationship) and after a few months I got back as answer: "We're using a tool called bsdiff, are you familiar with it?" I was indeed, since I was the author of said tool.

(Just to be clear, there was no license violation involved in this case; just a lack of awareness of the provenance of the open source software they were using.)

另外在其他的 thread 裡面,可以看到 Brendan Gregg 也有浮上來回應 (可以直接字串搜尋 brendangregg),裡面也提到了有趣的故事,像是他另外一個發明 latency heat map 在一些會場上的交流,以及自己也有遇到其他工具的作者:

Thanks. There was a time when many observability products were adding latency heat maps, and at one conference expo floor there were three companies with latency heat maps on their screen at the same time, pitching them as a flagship feature. If I walked near them they'd start trying to explain them to me, and I never figured out an appropriate response. If I said "hey, great to see you added them, I invented these back at Sun" I'd get funny looks.

I think it's a small world, and everything is software, so the chance you'll bump into someone who wrote software you are using I think is pretty high. I was once trying to get my head around Andi Kleen's pmu-tools, and I had the github repo open in my browser on my laptop I was carrying, when the guy sitting next to me on a bus says he's Andi Kleen. (Ok, it was a bus taking Linux conference attendees to an event, not a random bus, but I still found it remarkable timing -- I was studying pmu-tools at that exact time!)

拿來配啤酒的文章 XD

AWS 對 Elasticsearch 的戰爭:OpenSearch

AWSElasticsearch 的戰爭繼續升溫,AWS 出來喊,搞了自己的 community 要跟本家 PK:「Introducing OpenSearch」,衍生出來的兩套軟體分別是 OpenSearch (對應 Elasticsearch) 與 OpenSearch Dashboards (對應 Kibana)。

Hacker News 上的討論「OpenSearch: AWS fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana (」裡面有些討論還蠻精彩的,其中這段:

One thing which surprised me: Elastic has a market capitalization of ~$11B.

I think that changes some of the more floaty ethical concerns. This is not a David vs Goliath situation. This is Goliath vs Super-Goliath.

雖然就公司市值比例來看,大約是 100:1 這個數量級的公司在打架 (AWS 的母單位 Amazon 大約在 USD$1T 的等級),但這其實這不是小蝦米被大鯨魚欺負的故事,而是大公司跟暴力超大公司之間的打架。

會怎麼演變其實猜不出來,但因為在 open source search engine 技術這塊的確缺乏其他像樣的競爭者,AWS 這樣丟資源進來未必是件壞事。

另外一方面,這件事情對商業公司在在 open source 的其他領域則是比較負面,很明顯的 Amazon 這樣玩對於其他以 open source 為基礎的商業公司處境就更嚴峻了。

Mapbox GL JS 的授權改變,以及 MapLibre GL 的誕生

看到「MapLibre GL is a free and open-source fork of mapbox-gl-JS (」這篇,翻了一下資料發現年初時 Mapbox GL JS 的軟體授權從 v2.0.0 開始變成不是 open source license (本來是 BSD license),而社群也馬上 fork 最後一個 open source 版本並且投入開發,變成 MapLibre GL

MapTiler 在年初的時候有提到這件事情:「MapLibre: Mapbox GL open-source fork」。

The community reacted swiftly: forks of the latest open-source version were made almost immediately by multiple parties. In another positive development, the community came together the next day and agreed to make this a joint effort, rather than splitting energies. A video call was organized and the MapLibre coalition was formed. It includes people working for MapTiler, Elastic, StadiaMaps, Microsoft, Ceres Imaging, WhereGroup, Jawg, Stamen Design, etc.

MapLibre GL 目前與本來 v1.13.0 相容,可以直接抽換過去 (後來在二月的時候有出一個 v1.13.1,不過那是在 v2.0.0 改 license 之後的事情了):

  "dependencies": {
-    "mapbox-gl": "^1.13.0"
+    "maplibre-gl": ">=1.14.0"

記錄一下,以後要在網站上用的話,得注意到 Mapbox GL JS 在沒有註冊的情況下不能使用,而且 SDK 會強制蒐集資料:

Mapbox gl-js version 2.0 or higher (“Mapbox Web SDK”) must be used according to the Mapbox Terms of Service. This license allows developers with a current active Mapbox account to use and modify the Mapbox Web SDK. Developers may modify the Mapbox Web SDK code so long as the modifications do not change or interfere with marked portions of the code related to billing, accounting, and anonymized data collection. The Mapbox Web SDK only sends anonymized usage data, which Mapbox uses for fixing bugs and errors, accounting, and generating aggregated anonymized statistics. This license terminates automatically if a user no longer has an active Mapbox account.

不過如果是抓 OpenStreetMap 資料的話,Leaflet 應該還是目前的首選...

PHP 的 Git Server 被打穿,決定把整個 Git 系統搬到 GitHub 上

就如同標題說的:「Changes to Git commit workflow」,Hacker News 上的討論也可以看一下:「PHP's Git server compromised, moving to GitHub (」。

Yesterday (2021-03-28) two malicious commits were pushed to the php-src repo [1] from the names of Rasmus Lerdorf and myself. We don't yet know how exactly this happened, but everything points towards a compromise of the server (rather than a compromise of an individual git account).

While investigation is still underway, we have decided that maintaining our
own git infrastructure is an unnecessary security risk, and that we will
discontinue the server. Instead, the repositories on GitHub,
which were previously only mirrors, will become canonical. This means that
changes should be pushed directly to GitHub rather than to


Airtable 的 Open Source 替代方案 Baserow

Hacker News Daily 上看到的產品 Baserow,另外在 Hacker News 的討論也有蠻多有趣的東西:「 – Self-hosted Airtable alternative (」。

Baserow 的後端是用 Django 寫的,前端則主要是用 Vue.js

可以看到討論裡 Airtable 的問題,先不講定價問題,只講其他的部份... (因為就如同討論裡面有提到的,有可能是公司故意把定價策略訂成讓不願意花大錢的人使用)

首先是每個月都有「穩定的 downtime」,不過這邊的描述到的數字明顯有問題,一個月當了七個小時也有 99% uptime (兩個九)。

不過先撇開這點,付費服務一般都可以看到 99.9% 的 Monthly SLA (三個九,一個月只允許 43.2 分鐘),這個情況的確是不太符合業界的標準:

Reliable 1-5 hours a month of downtime. There are months where it's literally 1 nine of uptime. Their status page was actually down for a while (I think they forgot to renew it?)


Booleans in the API are `true` or `undefined`. Seriously.

看起來要有蠻多背景知識才有可能知道為什麼這樣搞 XDDD

先丟給 data team 看看,如果他們有興趣的話再找機會架起來...

Open Source 專案的 Office Hour

Simon Willison 提出了一個想法,認為 Open Source 專案可以透過 Office Hour 的方式幫助社群:「Open source projects: consider running office hours」,順帶一提的是,本來的標題是「Open source projects should run office hours」,在 Hacker News 上有些人看不爽,所以就改掉了,討論串在「Open source projects should run office hours (」這邊可以看到。

Office Hour 這個詞不知道出自哪裡,不過在大學的時候常常用到,主要是教授或是助教會安排一個固定的時間與地點,讓學生可以過去發問。

社群也有類似的作法,像是 WikimediaIRC office hours,是線上的形式,透過 IRC 溝通。

如果是商業公司主導的 open source 專案應該是可以考慮的方法,有地方可以問的確會方便不少。