iOS 上 Spotlight Search 如果很慢...

看到「Disabling Slack Indexing Seems to Improve Spotlight Performance on iOS」這篇講 iOS 的 Spotlight Search 很慢的問題,作者後來找到與 Slack 有關?到這邊關掉就正常了:

Settings > General > Spotlight Search > toggle Slack off

我是沒遇到... 不過先寫起來,如果以後遇到時應該會有幫助。

Slack 的 Screen Sharing

Slack 付費版將有 Screen Sharing 的功能了,對於 Remote Work 的團隊又更方便了:「Screen sharing comes to Slack video calls」。

When you’re working with teammates over a Slack video call, you may have something — a document, a chunk of code, the latest designs — that you want to share with your team. Now you can. Screen sharing is now available across teams on Slack’s paid plans.

需要使用 Windows 與 Mac 版的 desktop 處理:

Screen sharing is rolling out over the next few days to paid teams on the latest versions of our Slack for Mac and Slack for Windows desktop apps.

Slack 把服務丟上 CloudFront...

剛剛發現公司的 Slack 網域 已經上了 CloudFront,測了一些其他的 domain,應該是全部都上了:

gslin@home [~] [15:55/W4] mtr --report
Start: Tue May 17 15:56:06 2016
HOST:              Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|--      0.0%    10   16.3  11.7   9.3  18.8   3.1
  2.|--        0.0%    10   44.5  13.4   9.0  44.5  10.9
  3.|--        0.0%    10    8.8  12.7   8.8  26.8   5.9
  4.|--        0.0%    10   12.0  14.3  10.4  19.2   3.1
  5.|--         0.0%    10    9.8  10.4   9.0  11.4   0.5
  6.|-- 203-75-228-29.HINET-IP.hi  0.0%    10   10.3  10.6   9.2  13.7   1.2
  7.|--      0.0%    10   12.1  11.6  10.5  13.2   0.5
  8.|-- 202-133-255-122-static.un  0.0%    10   11.3  10.6   9.8  11.8   0.5
  9.|-- ???                       100.0    10    0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0
 10.|-- ???                       100.0    10    0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0
 11.|-- ???                       100.0    10    0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0
 12.|-- server-54-230-215-138.tpe  0.0%    10   11.9  11.2  10.1  12.2   0.3

這樣先前遇到從 HiNetLevel3 常常爛掉的問題應該是可以解決不少?

Slack 開始測試語音通話功能

Slack 開始測語音通話功能了:「Making voice calls in Slack」,目前是 beta:

Keep in mind: Calls (beta) is currently voice only and desktop only. Video, screen sharing, and mobile support will come in the future.

包括了 one-to-one (開放給所有的 plan),以及 group (開放給付費 plan)。

在 troubleshooting 的說明裡有提到技術問題,也可以看出一些東西:

If Slack is having trouble establishing a call connection, check the following settings, or ask your IT admin to do so:

  • Set your network to allow outbound UDP connections to port 22466.
  • Make sure your network is allowing incoming traffic from UDP 22466.


微軟曾經規劃以 80 億美金購買 Slack

TC 丟出來的消息,宣稱微軟曾經規劃以 80 億美金購買 Slack:「Source: Microsoft mulled an $8 billion bid for Slack, will focus on Skype instead」。

不過這個計畫被微軟 CEO Satya Nadella 與前 CEO Bill Gates 給擋了下來,認為不如把這筆錢放到 Skype 的研發上:

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and CEO Satya Nadella were among those unconvinced by the idea, with Gates pushing instead to add more features into Skype to make it more competitive with Slack in the business market, our source says.

我也覺得微軟高層的角度比較合理 (以手上有的資料來規劃),雖然這幾年下來 Skype 愈改愈爛...

在家族裡使用 Slack...

公司用 Slack 還蠻常見的,但在「My family uses Slack. It's pretty interesting.」這邊看到家人之間使用 Slack 的分享。

利用 integration 叫 bot 回答小朋友現在的地點,並且與 Google Calendar 整合通知事項。然後學校提供的 RSS feed 也可以拉進來。

再來是採買食物的 bot,是有這麼宅嗎 XDDD

感覺很資訊化的家庭啊 XDDD

限制 WeeChat 中 的寬度

WeeChat 上的 是個很好用的套件,可以在側邊列出 channel,像是這樣:


其中一個特點是,左側的 channel list 會自動伸展到目前最長的 channel name。由於我用 WeeChat 連 Slack 提供的 IRC Gateway,加上最近提供多人交談的功能,就產生出這樣的 channel name:


解法是限制側邊的寬度,用 /set buffers.look.name_size_max 32 後再 /save 存起來就可以了。是在「[] name_size_max adding crop suffix too soon in certain cases」這邊找到的關鍵字。

Slack 的 User Groups 功能

Slack 最近除了推出了 Group Messages 以外 (參考「Slack 支援多人討論群組」),也推出了 User Groups 的功能給付費用戶使用:「Introducing User Groups」:

User Groups are enabled for all Slack teams on paid plans (both Standard and Plus). New groups can be created in the Team Directory panel in your desktop app. You can give each a descriptive name and add a note on purpose to help others understand what each group is for. The team directory will then list your team’s existing user groups and show the details of each, along with the the group’s members.

使用者可以被分類成 Group,然後可以針對某一個 Group 傳訊息。而 Plus Plan 的用戶可以透過 SSO 機制將群組資訊帶進來用:

For teams using Single Sign On (SSO) on the Plus plan, you can even use groups to control provisioning accounts from your SSO tools. Users of Active Directory in OneLogin, PingOne, PingFederate, or Okta can take advantage of this built-in user provisioning support to add employees automatically into Slack User Groups matching each employee’s existing group rights, roles and permissions in your internal directory.

另外也有提供 API 讓你用,所以 Standard Plan 用戶也可以自己寫,然後塞進去。

Slack 支援多人討論群組

Slack 宣佈支援多人討論群組了:「Group Messages Come to Slack」。之前要找一群人討論事情必須要開一個 Private Channel,但每次開 channel 都要想一個名字出來很討厭,後來都用 #test_201510290916 這種沒有意義的名字,而現在可以直接拉人進來了:

另外一個是跟著的改變:「Private Groups become Private Channels」。

With the introduction of group DMs, which will cover many of the use cases that previously required private groups, we’ve transformed private groups into the brand new “private channels”. Private channels will be shown mixed in with your existing open channels alphabetically, with small lock icons next to the private ones. When the time comes to create a new channel, you’ll find a new public/private toggle on the configuration screen.

原先的 Private Channel 就跟 Public Channel 混在一起了...