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Amazon 的 SES 推出 Dedicated IP Pool

Amazon SES 推出了 Dedicated IP Pool:「New – SES Dedicated IP Pools」,也就是發信時可以使用自己專屬的 IP address。

Today we released Dedicated IP Pools for Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). With dedicated IP pools, you can specify which dedicated IP addresses to use for sending different types of email.

價錢其實不算貴?每個 IP 的費用是 USD$24.95/month,對於量夠大的單位可以避免被其他人影響:

Dedicated IPs are $24.95 per address per month at the time of this writing – but you can find out more at the pricing page.

不過 SES 用起來最痛的問題還是在對於收信人不存在時的 bounce rate...

Amazon SES 的固定 IP 服務

怎麼這麼多消息啊... 這次是 Amazon SES 宣佈提供固定 IP 服務:「Amazon SES Now Offers Dedicated IP Addresses」。

這樣可以減少被其他人影響到 reputation,提昇穩定度:

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) now offers dedicated IP addresses, which enable you to manage the reputation of the IP addresses that Amazon SES uses to send your email.


To request dedicated IPs, open an SES Sending Limits Increase Case in Support Center. In the use case details, specify that you are requesting dedicated IPs.

把 JavaScript 關閉一個月後的其他感想

一個月前我決定把瀏覽器的 JavaScript 預設關掉:「把 Google Chrome 預設的 JavaScript 關閉,開白名單...」,包括後來「改用 Simple JavaScript Toggle 切換 Google Chrome 的 JavaScript」試著找出快速暫時性切換的方案。

跑了這一個月下來,就好處來說,在一個月前的文章就有提到了,到是遇到不少問題 (然後找到各種方法解掉)。

主要的問題是電子商務網站幾乎都不會動 (包括信用卡刷卡網站),尤其是刷卡階段常用 HTTP POST,沒辦法靠 Simple JavaScript Toggle 在失敗時切過去 (會被刷卡系統偵測到重複送出而擋下),必須設白名單避免問題。

另外是愈來愈多內容性質的網站再沒有 JavaScript 下就不會動,不過這種性質的網站在 Google Chrome 上可以靠 Readability 來解決,還順便把版面給搞定了,不算是什麼大問題。


改用 Simple JavaScript Toggle 切換 Google Chrome 的 JavaScript

在前一篇「用 JavaScript Switcher 快速啟用 JavaScript...」被小光光 kcwu 指出來我測錯了,JavaScript Switcher 在重開瀏覽器後並不會將設定清掉 (會保留到下次)。

我再找了 Web Store 上了好幾個不同的 extension 測了好幾次,這次在「Simple JavaScript Toggle」這個套件測了好幾次,確認有清掉。另外我也確認原始碼的部份有這段:

// Clear previous contentSettings made by the extension
function init() {
    patternStates = {};
        'scope': 'regular'

這樣應該是 okay 了,再找機會請小光光吃飯 Q_Q

Mac 上的 Cleartext

看到 Mac 上的「Cleartext」這個軟體:

A text editor that only allows the 1,000 most common words in English

限制你使用比較簡單的英文,這樣可以讓讀的人比較容易了解 (尤其是非母語的人)。

有種跟 Simple English Wikipedia 的想法很像的感覺:

The project uses around 2,000 common English words, and is based on Basic English, an 850-word auxiliary international language created by Charles Kay Ogden in the 1920s.

另外還有提供 Trump mode XDDD:

Trained with a few of Trump's best known speeches, the app is now ready to help you write like a billionaire.

這好壞 XDDD

Amazon SWF 可以透過 AWS Lambda 做事了...

Amazon Simple Workflow 先前會需要開一台機器起來做事,現在則可以透過 AWS Lambda 來處理了:「Trigger AWS Lambda Functions Using Amazon Simple Workflow」。

這樣有兩個好處,一個是 AWS Lambda 啟動速度快太多,最慢應該是在數秒內,相較於透過 Amazon EC2 的啟動快太多。

另外一個當然是成本考量,開一台機器的成本還是要算成一個小時,而 AWS Lambda 是以 100ms 計費。如果做的事情很少,用 AWS Lambda 的成本低太多。

對於輕量級的處理來說算是個很棒的改善... 當然本來就是要轉檔之類吃大量 CPU 的,還是要開機器比較好。

T-Mobile 提供國際漫遊單一費率...

T-Mobile 將要推出國際漫遊單一費率的資費方案:「T-Mobile to offer free unlimited international data, texts」。


T-Mobile's latest shake-up puts international roaming rates in its sights, with the carrier eliminating fees for data and text messages entirely in more than 100 countries. It will also simplify the calling rates, charging a fixed rate of 20 cents per minute.

語音的部份,每分鐘新台幣 6 元?

不過 unlimited international data 是有速度限制的:

Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert said the average speed customers would get would be around 128 kilobits a second.


T-Mobile hopes to make some of its money back with "speed packs" that customers can purchase on the fly to boost their connection speed temporarily. For $15, a customer gets a single day's worth of high-speed data up to 100 megabytes, while $20 gets one week at 200 megabytes and $50 gets two weeks and 500 megabytes. The speeds are more accustomed to T-Mobile's HSPA+ networks, since international roaming with LTE isn't broadly available.

在官方網站的「Simple Choice International Plans | Unlimited Data & Text | T-Mobile」上面寫的更清楚:

Only T-Mobile’s network can give you unlimited everything for everyone. Other carriers may even make you share minutes, messages, and data between you and your family. With the Simple Choice Plan, each line comes with unlimited talk, text, and data while on our home network—and starting October 20, unlimited data and text in over 100 countries at no extra charge. That means no overages just about anywhere you go. Plus, there's no annual service contract and it's easy to add additional lines.