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DNS over TLS 的 Privacy 改善

在上一篇提到 DNS over TLS 的「用 Stubby 在 Ubuntu 上跑 DNS over TLS」這篇,裡面 Gholk 留言提到:

可是 isp 還是可以從你接下來要去的 ip 知道你查了什麼吧?除非是 http proxy 多個域名一個 ip.

在「Does SNI represent a privacy concern for my website visitors?」這邊提到了 SNI 對隱私的問題,但他的想法剛好跟這個主題有關。

現代的瀏覽器架構使得使用者要在網路上保護自己很難 (這邊指的是隱私),但我們還是會利用各種方式加高 ISP 的難度,而這邊通常指的是成本:在 上面記錄並且分析的成本,會比在所有的出口或是骨幹上面截聽封包的成本來的低很多,所以會走 DNS over TLS。

CloudFront 在東京開到第八個點了...

看到 Amazon CloudFront 宣佈在東京開到第八個點了:「Amazon CloudFront launches eighth Edge location in Tokyo, Japan」。

Amazon CloudFront announces the addition of an eighth Edge location in Tokyo, Japan. The addition of another Edge location continues to expand CloudFront's capacity in the region, allowing us to serve increased volumes of web traffic.

這個成長速度有點驚人,一月才加了兩個,現在又要再加一個... 不過大阪還是維持一個。

CloudFront 在台北的第二個 PoP

Twitter 上看到了 Amazon CloudFront 宣佈了台北的第二個 PoP:

這個也是喊好久了,從去年就有消息一直到現在... 這樣台灣多了一個 backup,比較不會導去香港或是日本了。不過新 PoP 的代碼找不到,試著找 tsatpe 以及後面接數字,還是只有找到 tpe50,不知道是不是後來不露出代碼了...

t2 系列機器的 CPU credit 超出 Quota 的現象

在看 CPU credit 時發現 EC2 上有台 t2.micro CPU credit 一直掉,但是上面沒有跑什麼東西,所以先在內部的 Trac 上開張 ticket 追蹤... 然後這種事情都是一開 ticket 就馬上想到了 @_@

首先發現這些 CPU credit 是超出 max quota 144 的限制 (參考 AWS 的文件「CPU Credits and Baseline Performance」),就馬上想到是因為 t2 系列的機器在開機時會贈送 CPU credit 以避免開機時太慢 (參考文件「T2 Standard」),而贈送的這塊會優先使用,但不吃 max quota:

Launch credits are spent first, before earned credits. Unspent launch credits are accrued in the CPU credit balance, but do not count towards the CPU credit balance limit.

另外系統對每個帳號有限制,每個帳號每 24 小時在每區有 100 次的贈送限制:

There is a limit to the number of times T2 Standard instances can receive launch credits. The default limit is 100 launches or starts of all T2 Standard instances combined per account, per region, per rolling 24-hour period.


New accounts may have a lower limit, which increases over time based on your usage.

所以就知道為什麼會緩緩下降了,在到 144 之前都應該是下降的趨勢...

Cloudflare 推出 Argo Tunnel

Cloudflare 推出了 Argo Tunnel,可以將內部網路與 Cloudflare 之間打通:「Argo Tunnel: A Private Link to the Public Internet」。

Cloudflare 在去年推出了 Wrap (可以參考「Cloudflare 推出的 Wrap 讓你不用在本地端開對外的 Port 80/443」這篇),這次其實只是改名:

During the beta period, Argo Tunnel went under a different name: Warp. While we liked Warp as a name, as soon as we realized that it made sense to bundle Warp with Argo, we wanted it to be under the Argo product name. Plus, a tunnel is what the product is so it's more descriptive.

看起來沒有什麼新的玩意... 純粹改名字 :o

Facebook 在南韓因為太慢被罰錢???

看到「South Korea fines Facebook $369K for slowing user internet connections」這則新聞,裡面提到 Facebook 的 reroute 行為:

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) began investigating Facebook last May and found that the company had illegally limited user access, as reported by ABC News. Local South Korean laws prohibit internet services from rerouting users’ connections to networks in Hong Kong and US instead of local ISPs without notifying those users. In a few cases, such rerouting slowed down users’ connections by as much as 4.5 times.

沒有告知使用者就導去香港或是美國的伺服器,聽起來像是 GeoDNS 的架構,以及 Facebook 的 CDN 架構幹的事情?不過在原報導裡面,另外一個指控是:

The KCC probed claims that Facebook intentionally slowed access while it negotiated network usage fees with internet service providers.


Facebook said it did not violate the law in part because its terms of use say it cannot guarantee its services will operate without delays or interference. KCC officials rejected that argument, saying the terms were unfair. It recommended the company amend its terms of use.


Amazon ECS 的 Service Discovery

AWS 宣佈了 Amazon ECS 也支援 Route 53 提供的 Service Discovery 了:「Introducing Service Discovery for Amazon ECS」。

也就是說現在都整合好了... 比較一下先前需要自己包裝起來套用的方式會少不少功夫:

Previously, to ensure that services were able to discover and connect with each other, you had to configure and run your own service discovery system or connect every service to a load balancer. Now, you can enable service discovery for your containerized services with a simple selection in the ECS console, AWS CLI, or using the ECS API.

AWS 在 2016 年的時候有寫一篇「Service Discovery for Amazon ECS Using DNS」在講怎麼透過事件的觸發配合 AWS Lambda 把服務掛上去或是移除掉:

Recently, we proposed a reference architecture for ELB-based service discovery that uses Amazon CloudWatch Events and AWS Lambda to register the service in Amazon Route 53 and uses Elastic Load Balancing functionality to perform health checks and manage request routing. An ELB-based service discovery solution works well for most services, but some services do not need a load balancer.

現在看起來都可以改用 Auto Naming API 了...

GitHub 在 2/28 遭受的攻擊...

GitHub 在 2/28 遭受 DDoS 攻擊,蠻快就把事故報告丟出來了:「February 28th DDoS Incident Report」。

不過跟 GitHub 其他文章不太一樣,這篇算是 PR 稿吧,簡單來說就是花錢買 Akamai Prolexic 的過濾服務解決... Akamai 方的 PR 稿則是在「Memcached-fueled 1.3 Tbps attacks - The Akamai Blog」這邊可以看到。

17:21 UTC 發現問題,然後判斷超過 100Gbps,所以 17:26 決定讓 Akamai Prolexic 接管過濾:

At 17:21 UTC our network monitoring system detected an anomaly in the ratio of ingress to egress traffic and notified the on-call engineer and others in our chat system. This graph shows inbound versus outbound throughput over transit links:

Given the increase in inbound transit bandwidth to over 100Gbps in one of our facilities, the decision was made to move traffic to Akamai, who could help provide additional edge network capacity. At 17:26 UTC the command was initiated via our ChatOps tooling to withdraw BGP announcements over transit providers and announce AS36459 exclusively over our links to Akamai. Routes reconverged in the next few minutes and access control lists mitigated the attack at their border. Monitoring of transit bandwidth levels and load balancer response codes indicated a full recovery at 17:30 UTC. At 17:34 UTC routes to internet exchanges were withdrawn as a follow-up to shift an additional 40Gbps away from our edge.

就這樣而已,完全就是 PR 稿 XDDD