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TechCrunch 看到加州要開放自駕車上路了:「California to allow testing of self-driving cars without a driver present」。

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles established new rules announced Monday that will allow tech companies and others working on driverless vehicle systems to begin trialling their cars without a safety driver at the wheel. The new rules go into effect starting April 2.


This doesn’t mean test vehicles will be out there on the roads without any kind of human intervention backup – the DMV will require that those testing autonomous cars without a driver present have a dedicated communications channel that ties the car to a remote operator, who can take over if needed. The cars will also need to be hardened against cyber attacks and be able to provide their owner and operator info to any other parties in the event of an accident.

馬上想到刷機 JB... XD

利用上傳的檔案跳過 CSP 限制

CSP 可以做到一些簡單的保護機制,但在設計不良的情況下還是有辦法繞過。

這次是上傳合法的 JPEG 檔案,但當作 javascript 檔案繞過去:「Bypassing CSP using polyglot JPEGs」。

開頭的「FF D8 FF E0」可以在「List of file signatures」這邊看到是「JPEG raw or in the JFIF or Exif file format」,而這四個字元在 javascript 不會出問題。接下來的「2F 2A」表示 JPEG header 長度,剛好就是「/*」,把後面的東西給包起來,後面再用類似的方式一直組合就打穿了...

這種攻擊要跳過的是「用 CSP 的 self 限制不能引用外部網站 javascript」的限制,但還是有些前提:

  • 允許使用者傳到同一個 domain 上面。
  • 網站上有 XSS 漏洞。

其中第一個問題常見的解法是另外開一個 domain 來放使用者上傳的檔案 (最好是連 top domain 都不一樣,完全隔開),才可以透過 CSP 降低風險...

Go 的 self-boot 計畫

Go 的 self-boot 計畫,也就是用 Go compiler 編 Go compiler:「Russ Cox – porting the Go compiler from C to Go」。


The goal is to convert *their* C code (not all C code). They want generated code to be human-readable and maintainable. They want automatic conversion to handle 99+% of code.

第一波想要用機器轉換過去,而且要轉出可維護的程式碼。可以馬上想到的事情是,如果這件事情成功,代表現有軟體的 C code 也有機會轉移?

接下來了幾個版本會開始發展整套機制,有得瞧了 :p