ZeroSSL 也提供免費的 SSL Certificate (DV) 了

Facebook 上被朋友敲可以測 ZeroSSL,另外一個透過 ACME 協定提供免費的 SSL Certificate,不過目前只有支援單一網域名稱 (DV):「Another free CA as an alternative to Let's Encrypt (」。

我先前就有在測 ZeroSSL,不過驗證一直過不去,當時有在 Twitter 上找 ZeroSSL 帳號問,但 ZeroSSL 的人說 ACME 的部份不在客服範圍,就先丟著...

剛剛發現是自己耍笨了,原因是 nginx 沒設好造成驗證卡住,一改好後就正常了。

SSL LabsSSL Server Test 翻了一下,他的 Root CA 看起來歷史更久,應該是有機會解決 Let's Encrypt 明年會產生的 Root CA 憑證信任問題,也就是先前在「Let's Encrypt 在 Android 平台上遇到的問題」提到的問題,在 Hacker News 上的討論也可以看到有人提到這點:

Good to know, and I'm glad there's an alternative to Let's Encrypt, just in case. Is ZeroSSL trusted by old Android devices? If so, that might be a work-around for Let's Encrypt's cross-signing from IdenTrust expiring.


If zerossl is reselling/a subsidiary of sectigo, that’s enough reason to never use this.
Sectigo is the new name for Comodo. The same bunch of pricks who tried to trademark “Let’s Encrypt”.

Other players in the acme cert “business” is great. Renaming a slime ball name and carrying on like nothing happened is not ok.