XFCE (Xubuntu) 下的手動 lock + screensaver + DPMS 組合

桌機換成 Xubuntu 22.04 後會遇到手動鎖定螢幕時,螢幕不會進入省電模式,遇到的情況有點像是「DPMS Suspend on Screen Lock」這邊提到的情境。

這類問題如果用 search engine 一時間沒有找到解法的話,最好的方法都是直接去讀 source code,然後就發現透過 Ctrl+Alt+L 觸發的 /usr/bin/xflock4 其實是個 shell script,從 code 讀可以發現裡面只負責 lock 的部分,本來就跟 DPMS 無關。

我在下面提供的方案就是自己處理螢幕的部分,也就是自己先跑 DPMS 指令,然後再回頭呼叫 /usr/bin/xflock4

/usr/bin/xset dpms force off
exec /usr/bin/xflock4

Ctrl+Alt+L 的觸發程式掛上來,這樣就會正常處理了...

繞過 Screensaver Lock 的有趣話題...

Hacker News Daily 上看到「Screensaver lock by-pass via the virtual keyboard」這篇,裡面這邊題到了 screensaver lock 的有趣話題。

先講嚴肅一點的,這個 bug 被編號為 CVE-2020-25712,問題出在 xorg-x11-server 上:

A flaw was found in xorg-x11-server before 1.20.10. A heap-buffer overflow in XkbSetDeviceInfo may lead to a privilege escalation vulnerability. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to data confidentiality and integrity as well as system availability.

比較有趣的事情是,這個 bug 是小朋友在亂玩時拉出 virtual keyboard 觸發的:

A few weeks ago, my kids wanted to hack my linux desktop, so they typed and clicked everywhere, while I was standing behind them looking at them play... when the screensaver core dumped and they actually hacked their way in! wow, those little hackers...


I tried to recreate the crash on my own with no success, maybe because it required more than 4 little hands typing and using the mouse on the virtual keyboard.

另外一個人也說他家小朋友也弄出 segfault 了:

My kids came upon a similar cinnamon-screensaver segfault! I've emailed details of how to reproduce the problem to root@linuxmint.com.

小朋友超強 XDDD