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CMU 推出 Product Management 的課程

CMU 的 CS (Computer Science) 發的新聞稿:「Carnegie Mellon Offers New Master's Degree in Product Management」。 副標也清楚寫出是一年的課程: One-Year Program Turns Computer Professionals Into "CEOs of the Product" 除了 CMU CS 外,也結合了 CMU 的 Tepper Business School 一起開: A joint program of the … Continue reading

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Humble Bundle 對抗信用卡盜刷的方法

Humble Bundle 說明他們如何對抗信用卡盜刷的方法,主要是不斷的降低風險,然後讓人介入的機會降低 (因為人事成本很高):「How Humble Bundle stops online fraud」。 其中第一點是特別想提的: Our first line of defense is a machine-learning-based anti-abuse startup called Sift Science, which we’ve been training for years across 55,000,000 transactions. Given how many orders we process, Sift Science … Continue reading

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應該是前陣子被 Nuzzel 推薦 2015 八月的老新聞,這個研究在 Nature 上發表:「Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test」。 這個研究重複了 98 篇原創研究來重新實驗: In the biggest project of its kind, Brian Nosek, a social psychologist and head of the Center for Open Science in Charlottesville, Virginia, … Continue reading

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芝加哥的高中將 Computer Science 列入畢業要求

芝加哥的高中將 Computer Science 列入畢業要求:「Computer science could become graduation requirement for CPS students」。 看起來沒有標準,有的學校以基本的 HTML 編寫為主: Claypool announced the proposed requirement outside a technology classroom at Curie, where he'd earlier spent some time talking to introductory computer science students about the … Continue reading

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BBC 跑去 NASA 在俄亥俄州的 Space Power Facility 做實驗:「The Hammer-Feather Drop in the world’s biggest vacuum chamber」。 超大的真空環境!XD

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Leslie Lamport 拿下 2013 年圖靈獎 (Turing Award)

Leslie Lamport - A.M. Turing Award Winner: For fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of distributed and concurrent systems, notably the invention of concepts such as causality and logical clocks, safety and liveness, replicated state machines, and sequential consistency. … Continue reading

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