Starlink 推出 RV 版本

Starlink 推出了 RV 版本:「STARLINK FOR RVs」。

這塊市場看起來不賴,不是每個地區都有 4G network 可以用,但基本上沒有 4G network 的地區應該夠空曠可以收衛星訊號?看起來目前有 coverage 的地區都支援...

另外一個是 billing 的部份:

Starlink for RVs provides the ability to pause and un-pause service at any time and is billed in one-month increments, allowing users to customize their service to their individual travel needs.


Starlink 的天線在五十度時會過熱停機

也是在 Hacker News 首頁上看到的資訊,Starlink 的天線在五十度時會停機:「Starlink dishes go into “thermal shutdown” once they hit 122° Fahrenheit」。

這篇報導是出自 Reddit 上的消息,苦主住在亞利桑那州,美國的南部地區,以緯度來說的話大概跟大阪差不多:「This could be a problem. Only noon in AZ...」。

Reddit 的討論裡面有提到用撒水的方式降溫,但這樣對熱帶與亞熱帶地區好像不太友善啊,陽光大一點應該就會過熱?看起來是個得改善的點了...

Starlink 北美北部封測

看到 Starlink 的北美北部的封測消息了:「I just officially received an email invite to the Starlink beta.」。

大家最在意的費用部份,設定費 USD$499,月費 USD$99:

It's called the Better Than Nothing Beta.

  • Estimated speeds 50Mbps to 150Mbps
  • Estimated latency 20ms to 40ms
  • Some interruptions in connectivity to be expected
  • $499 for the phased array antenna and router
  • $99 per month subscription

翻了一下 Reddit 上面的討論,目標族群跟之前猜測的差不多,這對於地廣人稀地區的使用者 (像是阿拉斯加的村落) 多了一個替代方案:「Starlink is 600x better than my current ISP BEFORE you consider data cap. My jaw dropped when I saw the official numbers.」。

I live in a rural village in Alaska and pay around $200/mo for service that is running fast if it hits 500kbps with a 40GB data cap.

Half the price for up to 300x faster service? Elon please start launching some polar orbits.

另外從「Mods, could we get a stickied post for confirmed beta invited states?」這邊可以看到目前主要都是北美北部的州拿到邀請,應該是商業策略...

AWS Ground Station 多了南非區可以打

看到「AWS Ground Station is now available in the Africa (Cape Town) Region」這邊的消息,AWS Ground Station 可以在南非區使用。

這是南半球第二個點 (第一個是雪梨):

AWS Ground Station is available today in US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio), Middle East (Bahrain), EU (Stockholm), Asia Pacific (Sydney), EU (Ireland), and Africa (Cape Town) with more regions coming soon.

如果以補 coverage 的角度來看,南美與東北亞 (東京或是南韓) 應該也有機會?

AWS Ground Station 增加了澳洲的點

AWS 在「AWS Ground Station is now available in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region in Australia」這邊宣佈了 AWS Ground Station 多了雪梨 (澳洲) 的點。


AWS Ground Station is available today in US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio), Middle East (Bahrain), EU (Stockholm), and Asia Pacific (Sydney) with more regions coming soon.


AWS Ground Station 增加了巴林的基地站

先前 AWS Ground Station 提供的地面站都在美國 (美東與美西),這代表有些衛星就打不到了... 這次宣佈增加中東巴林的點,差不多是美西的對面,也因此增加了不少涵蓋率:「AWS Ground Station is now available in Middle East (Bahrain) region」。

雖然現在的公司有在用衛星,但以價錢與支援的頻帶看起來,應該連測試都沒機會... XD

SpaceX 得到 FCC 的同意架設家用的衛星網路

在「FCC approves SpaceX’s plans to fly internet-beaming satellites in a lower orbit」這邊看到的:

The Federal Communications Commission has approved SpaceX’s request to fly a large swath of its future internet-beaming satellites at a lower orbit than originally planned.


Under SpaceX’s original agreement with the commission, the company had permission to launch 4,425 Starlink satellites into orbits that ranged between 1,110 to 1,325 kilometers up. But then SpaceX decided it wanted to fly 1,584 of those satellites in different orbits, thanks to what it had learned from its first two test satellites, TinTin A and B. Instead of flying them at 1,150 kilometers, the company now wants to fly them much lower at 550 kilometers.

不知道價位會落在那個區塊... 如果價位夠低的話,也許是可以考慮當作偏鄉地區的通訊方案?至少是個備用方式...

如果你有衛星 (對,衛星),可以玩看看 AWS Ground Station

AWS 推出的新服務,AWS Ground Station:「AWS Ground Station – Ingest and Process Data from Orbiting Satellites」。

AWS 目前在地面上見了兩個基地站 (預定要成長到 12 個),這個服務可以跟衛星溝通:

Ground Stations – As I mentioned earlier, we are launching today with 2 ground stations, and will have a total of 12 in operation by 2019. We will monitor utilization and demand, and will build additional stations and antennas as needed.


Pricing – Pricing is per-minute of downlink time, with an option to pre-pay for blocks of minutes.

看起來是給租用衛星頻寬的人用的... 不過當初會決定作這個服務是吸了什麼 XDDD

Galileo 系統啟用

由歐盟主導的 Galileo 系統宣布啟用,提供早期服務 (Early Operational Capability):「Galileo navigation satellite system goes live」。預定的 30 顆衛星已經打了 18 顆上去:

At this point, 18 of the planned 30 satellites are already in orbit.

在一般的使用下精確度可以到 4 公尺,相較於 GPS 是 15 公尺高出不少:

Using GPS, private users can navigate with a precision of up to 15 meters (m). Galileo offers a precision of up to 4m for its fully open service.


Commercial users and official government services can even receive a precision of a few centimeters. This is important, for example, for fully or partially automated planes, cars or ships.

之後應該會有同時支援兩套系統的設備出來... 手機應該也會有?

在 Boeing 787 上上網...

酷航有些飛機是 787 了,這台飛機有提供 Internet 上網功能 (WiFi HotSpot),一個小時是 USD$11.95,三個小時是 USD$16.95,二十四小時是 USD$24.95。

扣掉起降的時間,成田飛桃園差不多可以買三個小時的方案來用,服務是由 T-Mobile 提供:

看起來應該是走衛星線路,從德國落地後再連出來,快的時候可以到 1Mbps,慢的時候大約在 128Kbps,latency 大約是 1000ms,而 packet loss rate 其實不高,線路還蠻穩定的。

這次來回都有買,算是嘗鮮玩玩看,之後應該還是會在飛機上睡覺吧 XDDD