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在「California bosses can no longer ask you about your previous salary」這邊看到的消息。繼「麻州立法禁止詢問前一份工作的薪資」與「紐約市也將禁止雇主詢問薪資」後,加州也加入了這個行列。 The salary privacy bill, was enacted by Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday, Oct. 12, at a celebratory signing ceremony at Women’s Empowerment, a Sacramento nonprofit for homeless women. He … Continue reading

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StackOverflow 發 Tab/Space 戰文

StackOverflow 直接拿薪水戰 Tab 與 Space 的差異啊 XDDD:「Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs」。 這下糟糕了 XDDD

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去年麻州立法禁止雇主詢問前工作的薪資 (參考「麻州立法禁止詢問前一份工作的薪資」),而紐約市也要加入這個行列了:「New York City bans employers from asking potential workers about their past salary」。 New York City joined Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, and Philadelphia in banning employers from asking job applicants about their pay at current or past jobs after the … Continue reading

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雖然利用談判技巧是可以避開 (在你有本錢談判的情況下),麻州直接立法禁止了,這對於求職者來說相當重要:「Illegal in Massachusetts: Asking Your Salary in a Job Interview」。 The new law will require hiring managers to state a compensation figure upfront — based on what an applicant’s worth is to the company, rather than on what he … Continue reading

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Stack Overflow 做的 Developer Survey 2016

Stack Overflow 對開發者發問卷後把結果整理出來了:「Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016 Results」,約 56k 個樣本數: This year, 56,033 coders in 173 countries answered the call. 整個問卷分成五塊區域:Overview、Developer Profile、Technology、Work、Community,其中 Overview 的部份是給時間不多的人看的,整理了一些比較特別或是有趣的重點: Most developers prefer dogs to cats. (But not developers in Germany.) (唔?) 要注意的是,問卷只有英文版本,所以這份問卷明顯對於英文非母語的開發者會有比較低的填寫意願,會造成統計偏差問題,所以在讀之前要注意到: Surveys aren’t perfect. … Continue reading

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英國計畫在 2018 年開始強制企業公佈男女的平均薪資及 Bonus

英國計畫從 2018 年開始,超過 250 人的公司必須公佈男女的平均薪資及 Bonus:「Companies will be forced to reveal their gender pay gap」: The new rules, revealed on Friday, will apply to all companies with more than 250 employees. 除了平均薪資以及 bonus 外,還必須公開每個區間的人數: In addition to publishing their average … Continue reading

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