Nextcloud 吃下 Roundcube

Nextcloud 官方的公告在「Open source email pioneer Roundcube joins the Nextcloud family」這邊,然後有新聞整理:「Roundcube Open-Source Webmail Software Merges With Nextcloud」,以及 Hacker News 上對應的討論:「Roundcube open-source webmail software merges with Nextcloud (」。

居然看到 Roundcube 的新聞,這是個用 PHP 寫的,頗老牌的 Webmail 系統了,翻了 Wikipedia 上的資料,第一個 stable 居然是 2008 年?我以為應該更早,因為印象中當年交大的 D2 E-mail 系統在後來有用到...?

後來的情況有點微妙,2015/2016 年的時候 Roundcube 搞了 crowdfunding 結果變成一場災難:

On 3 May 2015, Roundcube announced, in partnership with Kolab Systems AG, that they planned to completely rewrite Roundcube and create Roundcube Next. A crowdfunding campaign was set up to finance the project. The goal of $80,000 was reached on June 24. The final amount raised was US$103,541.

Roundcube Next was intended to include additional features like calendar, chat and file management. This was to be implemented using WebRTC and connectors from popular services like Dropbox and OwnCloud.

However, Kolab Systems and Roundcube stopped development on the project in 2016, with no information or refunds provided to project backers, leading to a failed crowdfund. A Roundcube developer later claimed Roundcube had no ownership over the Roundcube Next campaign,[10] despite its public engagement and ownership on the crowdfund page.

這次的情況從 Hacker News 上的討論也看得出來,大家對 Nextcloud 沒什麼好感,而且 Nextcloud 本身有個 Nextcloud Mail,沒看懂到底是怎麼一回事...