EC2-Classic 完全退役

Amazon 家的老大 (CTO & VP) Werner Vogels 貼了關於 EC2-Classic 完全退役的文章:「Farewell EC2-Classic, it’s been swell」。

2021 年的時候 AWS 的 Jeff Barr 宣布了 EC2-Classic 的退役計畫:「EC2-Classic Networking is Retiring – Here’s How to Prepare」,我當時也整理了「AWS 宣佈 EC2-Classic 退役的計畫」這篇。

當時的時間表是期望在 2022/08/15 全部退役:

On August 15, 2022 we expect all migrations to be complete, with no remaining EC2-Classic resources present in any AWS account.

但後來還是晚了整整一年,到 2023/08/15 (剛好晚了一年) 才全部退役:

On August 15, 2023, we shut down the last instance of Classic.

而公告上面的更新則是在 2023/08/23 更新:

Update (August 23, 2023) – The retirement announced in this blog post is now complete. There are no more EC2 instances running with EC2-Classic networking.

因為真的太久沒用了,看了 Werner Vogels 的描述才能回想起來當時的架構,似乎是有一大鍋這件事情,靠 security group 拆開大家:

When we launched EC2 in 2006, it was one giant network of All instances ran on a single, flat network shared with other customers. It exposed a handful of features, like security groups and Public IP addresses that were assigned when an instance was spun up.

順便提一下 Werner Vogels 文章的開頭提到了 AWS 很少將服務退役,即使是 2007 年推出的 Amazon SimpleDB 也還是繼續在跑,即使現在主推的是 DynamoDB

Retiring services isn’t something we do at AWS. It’s quite rare. Companies rely on our offerings – their businesses literally live on these services – and it’s something that we take seriously. For example SimpleDB is still around, even though DynamoDB is the “NoSQL” DB of choice for our customers.

用「List of AWS Services Available by Region」這頁查了一下,SimpleDB 的區域意外的還不少,在 us-east-1us-west-1us-west-2ap-southeast-1ap-southeast-2ap-northeast-1eu-west-1 以及 sa-east-1

不過話說這開頭是不是在偷臭隔壁棚 XDDD