Cloudflare 也要支援 AVIF

Cloudflare 針對 Image Resizing 增加了 AVIF 的支援:「Introducing support for the AVIF image format」。

We've added support for the new AVIF image format in Image Resizing.

照 comment 的地方看起來是 Business 功能,之後有機會下放到 Pro,但免費版應該不會出現:

Kornel Ian K Homan • 15 hours ago
This is part of the Image Resizing feature, which is currently available for Business plans. It's coming to Polish in the near future, which is a Pro plan feature.

這跟「Chrome 85 支援 AVIF」應該有些關係,加上其他瀏覽器也陸陸續續打算要支援,是個先做不虧的感覺...