Amazon CloudWatch 推出「重開治百病」服務...

剛剛看到 Amazon CloudWatch 的新功能:「New Amazon CloudWatch Action – Reboot EC2 Instance」。

簡而言之就是讓 CloudWatch 偵測到問題時重開 instance:「有問題?重開治百病!」XDDD

iOS 8 的 DoS 攻擊:強制無限重開機

Twitter 上看到別人 retweet 的新聞:

RSA Conference 發表的 0-day exploit:「iOS 8 Vulnerability Lets Hackers Crash Any iPhone and iPad Within Wi-Fi Range」。

Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit of Mobile security firm Skycure presented their latest research, titled "No iOS Zone", at the RSA security conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.


起因自 iOS 對惡意 SSL certificate 的處理會造成重開機:

All an attacker need to do is create a malicious wireless network that uses the Wi-Fi connection in order to manipulate SSL certificates sent to iOS handsets.


Another best measure is to simply avoid the free wireless networks you find in the street providing public Internet access.