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電信商對 Zero Rating 與網路中立性的問題

在「AT&T users will be able to stream DirecTV Now without using their data」這邊才看到 FCC 在這個月月初針對電信商對特定服務的 zero rating 發出警告:「The FCC tells AT&T it may be violating net neutrality with its DirecTV plans」:

AT&T is far from the only US carrier to zero rate data. T-Mobile has been ostentatiously offering free data for music and movies for a year now, and Verizon also zero rates video from its Go90 app. But in zero rating DirecTV, the FCC thinks AT&T may have gone too far.

AT&T 說任何人只要付錢都可以參加這個 plan:

AT&T’s argument is that any company that participates in its Sponsored Data program has to pay AT&T for it, and that includes DirecTV.

但問題還是在 AT&T 擁有 DirecTV,所以是左手付到右手:

Except, again, AT&T owns DirecTV, so even if one division is paying another, the overall company still ends up not paying any money.


The situation for other companies is very different — and the FCC believes that the price they’d have to pay is “significant[.]”


Basecamp 對「請使用者評價五顆星」的作法

由於 app 排序受到評價影響,現在幾乎都把這塊當作是重點。

Basecamp 的人寫了一篇他們怎麼做的方法:「Getting from ⭐️⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️」。

傳統的作法類似這樣,使用者沒有太多動力,而且看到時頗煩人:(因為每個 app 幾乎都這樣做)

而 Basecamp 決定告訴使用者新版本有哪些新功能,然後邀請他評價: