ORM 常見的效能問題

在「How not to structure your database-backed web applications: a study of performance bugs in the wild」這邊看到的,裡面提到的論文是以 Rails 的 ActiveRecord 分析,不過概念上還算通用...

重點在最後一張 (Table 7 那張):


MIT 開發出靜態分析工具,找出 23 個 RoR 軟體未被發現的漏洞

MIT 弄出來的新玩意,靜態分析工具叫做 Space:「New MIT Scanner Finds Web App Flaws in a Minute」,MIT 官方的報導在「Patching up Web applications」這邊:

In tests on 50 popular Web applications written using Ruby on Rails, the system found 23 previously undiagnosed security flaws, and it took no more than 64 seconds to analyze any given program.


Ruby 2.2.0:放假前的新版本

Ruby 2.2.0 在假期前釋出:「Ruby 2.2.0 Released」。

在「Notable Changes since 2.1」的部份有提到新的 GC algorithm (Incremental GC) 以及讓 Symbol 可以被 GC (Symbol GC),而且提到了 Rails 5.0 會受益於此:

Recent developments mentioned on the Rails blog suggest that Rails 5.0 will take advantage of Incremental GC as well as Symbol GC.

在 Rails 這邊的說明:

Rails 5.0 will target Ruby 2.2+ exclusively. There are a bunch of optimizations coming in Ruby 2.2 that are going to be very nice, but most importantly for Rails, symbols are going to be garbage collected.

GitHub 升級到 Rails 3 了...

GitHub 從 2.3.github 特製版升級到 Rails 3:「Upgrading GitHub to Rails 3 with Zero Downtime」,其中切換的原因之一是維護成本:

This choice has bitten us in the form of gem incompatibility, having to manually backport security patches, missing out on core framework performance and feature improvements, and being unable to easily contribute back to the open source rails project.


Over the last six months, we’ve had a team of 4 engineers working full time on upgrading to Rails 3.

接下來不知道是不是繼續切換到 Rails 4...

請僅快確認這次 RoR 所提供的安全性公告

下午遇到布丁大長輩的時候他還很開心說「我用 2.3 沒問題的啊~」XDDD

今天 Ruby on Rails 官方對 Active Record 發出安全性通報以及更新 (類別為 SQL Injection):「[ANN] Rails 3.2.10, 3.1.9, and 3.0.18 have been released!」。

請不要只看標題,這次的安全性問題包括所有版本,而非 3.x 而已。這次的安全性問題太過歡樂,所以除了在支援的版本以外 (3.1 與 3.2),這次的安全性問題還是提供了 2.3 與 3.0 的 patch 讓人下載,並提供當無法使用 patch 時的 workaround:「SQL Injection Vulnerability in Ruby on Rails (CVE-2012-5664)」。