AWS 宣佈 EBS io2 的新花樣 Block Express Volumes

看到「AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon EBS io2 Block Express Volumes」這篇,在 EBSio2 上面又推出了新的花樣 Block Express Volumes:

Today AWS announced general availability of io2 Block Express volumes that deliver up to 4x higher throughput, IOPS, and capacity than io2 volumes, and are designed to deliver sub-millisecond latency and 99.999% durability.

要再提供更高的效能,在 R5b 的機種下,單個 volume 可以拉到 256k IOPS 與 4000MB/sec 的傳輸速度,以及在 well-tuned 的環境下 (應該是多個 volume) 可以拉到 260k IOPS (多一點點) 與 7500MB/sec (將近原來的兩倍) 的傳輸速度:

Using R5b instances customers can now provision a single io2 volume with up to 256,000 IOPS, 4000 MB/s of throughput, and storage capacity of 64 TiB.

R5b instances are well-suited to run business-critical and storage-intensive applications as they offer the highest EBS-optimized performance of up to 260,000 IOPS and 7,500 MB/s throughput.


Amazon EC2 的新機種:R5b、D3 (D3en)、C6gn、M5zn、G4ad

Amazon EC2 除了昨天放出 Mac mini 消息打頭陣以外,其他機種的更新消息也陸陸續續公佈了:

比較有趣的 (對我而言),第一個是 ARM 架構的機器也推出 100Gbps 的 n 版本 c6gn,看起來很適合跑大流量的東西,馬上想到的就是自架的 memcached

另外是 m5zn,使用高頻率的 Intel Xeon,主打需要單核效率的程式,不過這是掛在 m 系列下,而不是 c 系列...

再來是使用 AMD GPU 的 g4ad,官方宣稱跟 NVIDIAg4dn 比起來,將會有 45% 的 C/P 值提昇,是個蘇媽跟老黃的對決:

However, when compared to G4dn the new G4ad instances enable up to 45% better price performance for graphics-intensive workloads, including the aforementioned game streaming, remote graphics workstations, and rendering scenarios. Compared to an equally-sized G4dn instance, G4ad instances offer up to 40% improvement in performance.

看起來 ARM 的消息沒有想像中的多...

Amazon EBS 的 io2 給了不少新消息...

Amazon EBS 的另外一個新推出的東西,是針對 io2 的改善:

前面兩則消息可以一起看,主要是推出了 EBS Block Express,有著效能上的提昇:

Built on our new EBS Block Express architecture that takes advantage of some advanced communication protocols implemented as part of the AWS Nitro System, the volumes will give you up to 256K IOPS & 4000 MBps of throughput and a maximum volume size of 64 TiB, all with sub-millisecond, low-variance I/O latency. Throughput scales proportionally at 0.256 MB/second per provisioned IOPS, up to a maximum of 4000 MBps per volume. You can provision 1000 IOPS per GiB of storage, twice as many as before. The increased volume size & higher throughput means that you will no longer need to stripe multiple EBS volumes together, reducing complexity and management overhead.

目前因為是 preview 階段,想要用的人需要申請測試。要注意目前支援的區域有限 (不像這次推出 gp3 的時候就是全區),而且需要搭配 r5b 的機器:

The preview is currently available in the US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and Europe (Frankfurt) Regions. During the preview, we support the use of R5b instances, with support for other Nitro-powered instances in the works.

第三則消息則是在講 io2 的 IOPS 的折扣,針對購買 32K IOPS 以上的部份會有 30% 折扣:

Now, with the new tiered pricing structure, the first 32,000 IOPS provisioned on a volume are charged at the current base rate ($0.065 per provisioned IOPS-mo) and the second tier between 32,001 and 64,000 is charged at a 30% lower rate ($0.046 per provisioned IOPS-mo).

針對前面提到的 preview 版本 (EBS Block Express),因為可以超過 64K IOPS,這個部份的價錢會更低,再疊一次 30% 的折扣:

Furthermore, for customers who have even higher performance requirement than currently supported by a single io2 volume today, we are previewing io2 volumes that run on EBS Block Express, the next generation of our block storage architecture. io2 Block Express volumes can be provisioned to deliver peak IOPS of 256,000. For these volume, any IOPS provisioned over 64,000 IOPS will be charged at a further 30% lower rate than the second tier ($0.032 per provisioned IOP-mo for IOPS over 64,000). This lowers the effective rate to $0.038 per provisioned IOPS on a volume provisioned with 256,000 IOPS.

算是要衝效能的人用的,目前平常應該還是會用 gp2 或是 gp3 的 SSD...