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AWS CodeBuild 可以管 Secret 了...

AWS CodeBuild 可以管理 secret 了:「AWS CodeBuild Now Provides Ability To Manage Secrets」。 AWS CodeBuild now further enhances securing your build environment. CodeBuild can now store sensitive information as secrets, which can now get directly passed to your build jobs. This … Continue reading

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Let's Encrypt 宣佈脫離 Beta

Let's Encrypt 宣佈脫離 beta,正式開放:「Leaving Beta, New Sponsors」。 翻資料的時候發現在今年 3/26 的時候,限制已經放寬了:「Rate Limits for Let’s Encrypt」。 首先一張證書只能包括 100 個 hostname,跟原來相同: Names/Certificate is the limit on how many domain names you can include in a single certificate. This is currently limited to 100 … Continue reading

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Linode 骨幹升級,傳輸量限制提昇為原來的十倍!

Linode 剛剛發表了「Linode Nextgen: The Network」,對外說明他們砸了大筆銀子在骨幹網路上,於是把本來的傳輸限制提昇為原來的十倍。也就是本來限制 200GB 的 Linode 512 就變成 2000GB。 六個機房都包括在內:(於是東京機房也是其中之一) We’re upgrading our entire network, in all six datacenters. 然後所有架構都是以 Cisco Nexus 為主: 看起來 Cisco 給了很漂亮的價錢讓 Linode 廣告... XD 這麼多頻寬好像可以拿來幹些事情... (來想看看)

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