t2 系列機器的 CPU credit 超出 Quota 的現象

在看 CPU credit 時發現 EC2 上有台 t2.micro CPU credit 一直掉,但是上面沒有跑什麼東西,所以先在內部的 Trac 上開張 ticket 追蹤... 然後這種事情都是一開 ticket 就馬上想到了 @_@

首先發現這些 CPU credit 是超出 max quota 144 的限制 (參考 AWS 的文件「CPU Credits and Baseline Performance」),就馬上想到是因為 t2 系列的機器在開機時會贈送 CPU credit 以避免開機時太慢 (參考文件「T2 Standard」),而贈送的這塊會優先使用,但不吃 max quota:

Launch credits are spent first, before earned credits. Unspent launch credits are accrued in the CPU credit balance, but do not count towards the CPU credit balance limit.

另外系統對每個帳號有限制,每個帳號每 24 小時在每區有 100 次的贈送限制:

There is a limit to the number of times T2 Standard instances can receive launch credits. The default limit is 100 launches or starts of all T2 Standard instances combined per account, per region, per rolling 24-hour period.


New accounts may have a lower limit, which increases over time based on your usage.

所以就知道為什麼會緩緩下降了,在到 144 之前都應該是下降的趨勢...

AWS CodeBuild 可以管 Secret 了...

AWS CodeBuild 可以管理 secret 了:「AWS CodeBuild Now Provides Ability To Manage Secrets」。

AWS CodeBuild now further enhances securing your build environment. CodeBuild can now store sensitive information as secrets, which can now get directly passed to your build jobs. This can be achieved by modifying the parameter store directly in your buildspec.yml, or via the CodeBuild console.


We strongly discourage using environment variables to store sensitive values, especially AWS access key IDs and secret access keys. Environment variables can be displayed in plain text using tools such as the AWS CodeBuild console and the AWS CLI. For sensitive values, we recommend you use the parameter-store mapping instead, as described later in this section.


不過在找資料的時候,發現 AWS CodeBuild 提供了每個月一百分鐘的 free quota,不論是新帳號還是現有帳號都一直有?(這點是之前沒注意到的...)

The AWS CodeBuild free tier includes 100 build minutes of build.general1.small per month. The CodeBuild free tier does not expire automatically at the end of your 12-month AWS Free Tier term. It is available to new and existing AWS customers.

Let's Encrypt 宣佈脫離 Beta

Let's Encrypt 宣佈脫離 beta,正式開放:「Leaving Beta, New Sponsors」。

翻資料的時候發現在今年 3/26 的時候,限制已經放寬了:「Rate Limits for Let’s Encrypt」。

首先一張證書只能包括 100 個 hostname,跟原來相同:

Names/Certificate is the limit on how many domain names you can include in a single certificate. This is currently limited to 100 names, or websites, per certificate issued.

再來是每個禮拜可以申請的數量從 5 個 hostname 變成 20 個,另外本來 renew 也算 quota,現在變成不會吃到 quota:

Certificates/Domain limits how many certificates can be issued that contain a single registered domain*.
This is limited to 20 certificates per domain per week. Exception: When you request a certificate with the same exact set of FQDNs as previously-issued certificate, this rate limit does not apply, but the one below does.


Linode 骨幹升級,傳輸量限制提昇為原來的十倍!

Linode 剛剛發表了「Linode Nextgen: The Network」,對外說明他們砸了大筆銀子在骨幹網路上,於是把本來的傳輸限制提昇為原來的十倍。也就是本來限制 200GB 的 Linode 512 就變成 2000GB。


We’re upgrading our entire network, in all six datacenters.

然後所有架構都是以 Cisco Nexus 為主:

看起來 Cisco 給了很漂亮的價錢讓 Linode 廣告... XD

這麼多頻寬好像可以拿來幹些事情... (來想看看)