Amazon Q (來猜名字的由來...)

AWS 推出了 Amazon Q,目前還在 preview 階段:「Amazon Q brings generative AI-powered assistance to IT pros and developers (preview)」。

產品本身主要就是 LLM 的應用,以現在來說沒有太特別,主要是 Hacker News 上大家在猜這個 Q 到底是取自哪裡:「Amazon Q (Preview) (」。

看到有猜 Q (Star Trek)Q-learning 以及 Q (James Bond)

id=38448900 這邊有人提到 Q 是 question:

from the NYTimes article: The name Q is a play on the word “question,” given the chatbot’s conversational nature, Mr. Selipsky said. It is also a play on the character Q in the James Bond novels, who makes stealthy, helpful tools, and on a powerful “Star Trek” figure, he added.

找了一下應該是「Amazon Introduces Q, an A.I. Chatbot for Companies」這篇文章,因為 paywall 的關係可能看不到全文,可以看 這邊的 archive:「Amazon Introduces Q, an A.I. Chatbot for Companies」。



Hacker News Daily 上看到「Performance comparison: counting words in Python, Go, C++, C, AWK, Forth, and Rust」這個有趣的面試問題,在 Hacker News 上的討論也可以看看:「Performance comparison: counting words in Python, Go, C++, C, Awk, Forth, Rust (」。


Write a program to count the frequencies of unique words from standard input, then print them out with their frequencies, ordered most frequent first. For example, given this input:

The foo the foo the
defenestration the

The program should print the following:

the 4
foo 2
defenestration 1

在面試時,重點不在於用哪個程式語言,而是在面試時一路往下問,像是 profiling 的部份,內部資料結構的部份,可以問得很深。

撇開面試,這個問題其實是個經典問題,當年 Donald KnuthDoug McIlroy 兩位大師都有玩過:

Incidentally, this problem set the scene for a wizard duel between two computer scientists several decades ago. In 1986, Jon Bentley asked Donald Knuth to show off “literate programming” with a solution to this problem, and he came up with an exquisite, ten-page Knuthian masterpiece. Then Doug McIlroy (the inventor of Unix pipelines) replied with a one-liner Unix shell version using tr, sort, and uniq.


Given a text file and an integer k, print the k most common words in the file (and the number of their occurrences) in decreasing frequency.

他們當時其實一個是在示範 Literate programming,而另外一個在展現 pipe 的威力,都是借題發揮而已,跟上面的那些東西倒是沒什麼太大關係。


Hacker News Daily 上看到的數學邏輯問題:「“Which answer in this list is the correct answer to this question?”」。


Which answer in this list is the correct answer to this question?

  • All of the below.
  • None of the below.
  • All of the above.
  • One of the above.
  • None of the above.
  • None of the above.

accepted 的那個是推演的答案,但最高分的那個是寫程式窮舉 XDDD (不得不說大家都很愛這味...)


在「500 Data structures and algorithms interview questions and their solutions」這邊看到在 Quora 上整理出來的題目 (以及解答)。


另外一個不錯的地方在於題目的分類,舉例來說,如果想要練習 Backtracking,可以去翻對應的題目出來練。

Google 移除「安全問題」...

總算有大頭把這個不安全的「安全問題」移除掉了:「Google Drops Support for Security Questions」。


Security questions weren't a great way to protect an account since many answers could be guessed or found using a Google search.

目前提供的機制是手機號碼,以及透過其他的 e-mail address 認證。