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Netflix 評估影片品質的方法

Netflix 在發了一篇很長的文章,說明怎麼評估 video quality:「Toward A Practical Perceptual Video Quality Metric」,文章雖然有點長,但其實還蠻好懂的... 講的白話一點,Netflix 想要做各種壓縮方式的改善,但在超大的量的情況下 (scale) 缺乏自動化打分數的機制: All of the challenging work described above hinges on one fundamental premise: that we can accurately and efficiently measure the perceptual quality of a video stream … Continue reading

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Mozilla 推出 mozjpeg 2.0

othree 前天已經寫過:「mozjpeg 2.0」,不過因為這類性的研究其實對全世界幫助頗大,所以就再提一次... 原文在「Mozilla Advances JPEG Encoding with mozjpeg 2.0」這邊,主要的成果: With today’s release, mozjpeg 2.0 can reduce file sizes for both baseline and progressive JPEGs by 5% on average compared to those produced by libjpeg-turbo, the standard JPEG library upon … Continue reading

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