AWS Lambda 的 Provisioned Concurrency

AWS Lambda 推出了 Provisioned Concurrency,降低冷啟動所需要的時間以確保效率:「New – Provisioned Concurrency for Lambda Functions」。

看 benchmark 的資料就很清楚,可以避免冷啟動所產生的延遲:

這邊也可以看出來就算是冷啟動,大約也是多個一秒多。如果這個延遲是需要被處理的,就可以考慮用 Provisioned Concurrency 了。


You only pay for the amount of concurrency that you configure and for the period of time that you configure it. Pricing in US East (N. Virginia) is $0.015 per GB-hour for Provisioned Concurrency and $0.035 per GB-hour for Duration. The number of requests is charged at the same rate as normal functions. You can find more information in the Lambda pricing page.

不過如果量再更大,而且考慮成本,應該會考慮改回傳統的架構,用多台 EC2 instance 跑...

AWS 提昇了 Amazon EBS 能提供的效能上限

AWS 宣佈 Amazon EBS 可以提供的效能往上提高了 (這邊講的是 Provisioned IOPS SSD,代號 io1):「Amazon EBS Improves Performance for io1 Volumes」。

單一 volume 的 IOPS 從 20K 變成 32K,thoughput 從 320MB/sec 變成 500MB/sec:

Today we are announcing an improvement in performance of Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) Volumes from 20,000 IOPS to 32,000 IOPS and from 320 MB/s to 500 MB/s of throughput per volume.

應該是科技的進步帶動的 XD