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Amazon Aurora (MySQL) 的 Stored Procedure 可以跑 AWS Lambda...

查了資料才發現去年十月 Amazon Aurora (MySQL-Compatible Edition) 就支援用 AWS Lambda 當 stored procedure 了,只是當時只支援 async mode,能做的事情比較有限:「Amazon Aurora New Features: AWS Lambda Integration and Data Load from Amazon S3 to Aurora Tables」。

Now you can invoke Lambda functions directly from within an Aurora database via stored procedures or user-defined functions. Lambda integration allows you to extend the capabilities of the database and invoke external applications to act upon data changes. For example, you can create a Lambda function that sends emails to customers whenever their address in the database is updated.

前幾天發表的則是支援 sync mode,可以等到:「Amazon Aurora with MySQL Compatibility Natively Supports Synchronous Invocation of AWS Lambda Functions」。

Starting with version 1.16, we are extending this feature to be able to able to synchronously invoke Lambda functions.

Use the native function lambda_sync when you must know the result of the execution before moving on to another action.

這解掉了 MySQL 的 stored procedure 一直很殘的問題...

PostgreSQL 9.5 釋出,UPSERT!

PostgreSQL 9.5 正式發行,這次新增了大家期待已久的 UPSERT 功能:「PostgreSQL 9.5: UPSERT, Row Level Security, and Big Data」。

SQL:2003 正式定義出 UPSERT,被稱為 Merge,不過看網路上一般還是比較習慣 UPSERT 這個用法:

A relational database management system uses SQL MERGE (also called upsert) statements to INSERT new records or UPDATE existing records depending on whether condition matches.

也就是當沒資料的時候就 INSERT,有資料的時候就 UPDATE 的語法。常見的使用情境是拿來當 counter 用 (雖然這很傷資料庫的效能)。

沒有 UPSERT 的時候只能用 transaction 或是 store procedure 搭出來,效能上會比在 database engine 裡實作來的差,所以 UPSERT 還是被實作出來了。