Cloudflare 宣佈漲價

Cloudflare 寫了一篇很長的漲價公告:「Adjusting pricing, introducing annual plans, and accelerating innovation」。

25% 的漲幅,本來的 Pro Plan 從 $20/mo 漲到 $25/mo,本來的 Business Plan 從 $200/mo 漲到 $250/mo:

Cloudflare is raising prices for the first time in the last 12 years. Beginning January 15, 2023, new sign-ups will be charged $25 per month for our Pro Plan (up from $20 per month) and $250 per month for our Business Plan (up from $200 per month). Any paying customers who sign up before January 15, 2023, including any currently paying customers who signed up at any point over the last 12 years, will be grandfathered at the old monthly price until May 14, 2023.

然後丟出年費方案,就跟原來的月費方案寄算十二個月一樣的價錢 ($240/y 與 $2400/y):

We are also introducing an option to pay annually, rather than monthly, that we hope most customers will choose to switch to. Annual plans are available today and discounted from the new monthly rate to $240 per year for the Pro Plan (the equivalent of $20 per month, saving $60 per year) and $2,400 per year for the Business Plan (the equivalent of $200 per month, saving $600 per year). In other words, if you choose to pay annually for Cloudflare you can lock in our old monthly prices.


Canonical 推出 Ubuntu Pro

Canonical 推出了 Ubuntu Pro,個人用戶以及小型商業用戶可以免費安裝在五台機器上使用:「Canonical launches free personal Ubuntu Pro subscriptions for up to five machines」。

這次是 public beta,這代表進到正式版本的時候也許還會有變化:

Ubuntu Pro, the expanded security maintenance and compliance subscription, is now offered in public beta for data centres and workstations.

這次推出的 Ubuntu Pro 看起來包括了 ESM (但這邊沒有提到 ESM,而是提到了十年的安全更新);除了 ESM 以外,包括了更多 package 的安全更新,一併提供十年:

Ubuntu Pro (currently in public beta) expands our famous ten-year security coverage to an additional 23,000 packages beyond the main operating system.

Including Ansible, Apache Tomcat, Apache Zookeeper, Docker, Drupal, Nagios, Node.js, phpMyAdmin, Puppet, PowerDNS, Python 2, Redis, Rust, WordPress, and many more...

不過看起來的確就是將 ESM 擴大,這點在 Ubuntu Pro 的價錢的頁面上「Ubuntu Pro | plans and pricing」可以看到有提到 ESM。

但要注意 14.04 雖然有 ESM (照時程表算的話會支援到 2024 年),卻不在這次 Ubuntu Pro 提供的範圍,這次推出的 Ubuntu Pro 是 16.04 以及之後的版本才有:

Ubuntu Pro is available for every Ubuntu LTS from 16.04 LTS. It is already in production for large-scale customers offering global services.

然後本來的 Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure 這條產品線改名為 Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only):

Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure is now rebranded to Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only). The features and price have not changed.

目前手上沒有 16.04 的機器,等明年 2023 看看 18.04 的機器有沒有換到 20.04/22.04,如果沒有的話也許可以來玩看看...

Slack 宣佈漲價

Slack 宣佈了漲價的計畫:「Everything you need to know about our first price change and plan updates」。

從今年九月開始漲價,Pro 的月費從 US$8 漲到 US$8.75 (+9.375%),年費從 US$80 漲到 US$87 (+8.75%):

On September 1, 2022, monthly Pro plans will increase from $8 USD to $8.75 USD per user per month, and annual Pro plans will increase from $6.67 USD to $7.25 USD per user per month (pricing for other countries is available here).

現有用戶有一次用原價 renew 一年的機會:

Current customers on an annual Pro plan can lock in the existing annual rate of $6.67 USD per user per month for another year by early-renewing the annual Pro plan before September 1.


另外一個 monospace 的字型 Hera

Lobsters Daily 上看到的字型 Hera

Source Code Pro 為主,混入了 Fira MonoInconsolataIBM Plex Mono

Hera is a monospace font which is a customised version of Source Code Pro which was originally created by Paul Hunt.

Hera consists mainly of glyphs from Adobe Source Code Pro mixed with glyphs from popular monospace fonts like Fira Mono, Inconsolata, IBM Plex Mono, etc.

Hera emphasises readability and uniformity for sigils and symbols which makes it suitable for use in coding environments.

GitHub 上有 screenshot 可以參考:


用了幾天還可以,應該會繼續用,放入常態性的替換清單... (我同一個字型看久了會想換)

電子紙的螢幕 BOOX Mira Series

看到「BOOX Mira Series」這個,主要是因為現在公司的老闆是電子墨水的發明人之一 (也是 E Ink 的 cofounder),所以看到一些電子墨水的新聞也會覺得有趣...

比較小的 BOOX Mira 是 13.3" 的 4:3 螢幕,但 resolution 也已經拉到 2200x1650 了,207 ppi,走 Mini HDMI 或是 Type C 輸入,賣 US$799,從圖片上看起來像是攜帶性的。

而比較大的 BOOX Mira Pro 則是 25.3" 的 16:9 螢幕 (3200x1800),145 ppi,可以走 HDMI/Mini HDMI/DP 或是 Type C,價錢則是 US$1799,從圖片上看起來是放在桌面上的。


GitHub 擴大免費版功能,以及付費版降價

GitHub 宣佈了提昇免費版的功能,以及付費版的降價消息:「GitHub is now free for teams」。

昨天是這樣:(從這邊撈的,然後發現好像有人寫了個機器人,每天都叫 去撈一份...)


本來付費的個人方案 (Pro) 的功能都直接下放到免費版本了,而一般公司用的 Team 版本從 $9/m/user 降到 $4/m/user。有個富爸爸之後就可以任性...

FBI 手上的 GrayKey 可以解 iPhone 11 Pro Max

在「FBI Successfully Unlocks iPhone 11 Pro in Ohio, Casting Doubt on Claims it Needs Apple's Help in Florida Mass Shooter Case」這邊看到的消息,看起來 FBI 手上的 GrayKey 可以解開 iPhone 11 Pro Max 了...

先前 GrayKey 只有舊型的可以解,像是之前揭露的 iPhone 5 或是 iPhone 7,現在看起來找到新的漏洞可以打穿新的版本,所以升級了:

Forbes has previously revealed a GrayKey brochure that showed it worked on older devices, and the two iPhones acquired by the FBI in the most recent Pensacola case are an ‌iPhone‌ 5 and an ‌iPhone‌ 7, which strongly suggests that investigators are already capable of unlocking them.



9to5Mac 的報導說 Apple 要改用剪刀式的設計:「Kuo: Apple to include new scissor switch keyboard in 2019 MacBook Air and 2020 MacBook Pro」。

取自「File:Scissor switch mechanism.svg」這頁。

Apple is apparently set to ditch the butterfly mechanism used in MacBooks since 2015, which has been the root of reliability issues and its low-travel design has also not been popular with many Mac users.

In a report published today, Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple will roll out a new keyboard design based on scissor switches, offering durability and longer key travel, starting with the 2019 MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro is also getting the new scissor switch keyboard, but not until 2020.


修正 Mac 外接螢幕的 Underscan 問題

公司的 MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) 透過 HDMI 接 Dell P2419H 一直都有 Underscan 的問題:

出自「About overscan and underscan on your Mac, Apple TV, or other display

本來想透過 Underscan slide 修改 (像是下面這張圖),但發現系統內沒有 Underscan slide。

出自「About overscan and underscan on your Mac, Apple TV, or other display

找了不少文章後後來是在「Fixing Issues with Overscan/Underscan(Black Borders) on macOS」這篇的 comment 看到解法:

Ran into this same underscan problem with black borders showing up on my new Dell 24-inch Ultrasharp U2415 connected to a 2013 Macbook Air running High Sierra, and after hours of looking into the problem the fix turned out to be super simple:

Just restart in Safe Mode.

That’s it. Restart your Mac in Safe Mode (restart, hold down the Shift key after the Apple BONG sounds, then restart normally once again for good measure. I don’t know what this clears or resets but it worked for me. No more letterboxing or black borders with the native 1920×1200 resolution selected.

So maybe something to try first for anyone coming across this post.

照著重開進 Safe mode 後再開回一般模式就正常了 (what???),先記錄起來,讓我之後遇到時可以搜尋到自己的文章...