Google Cloud Platform 也推出了類似 Spot Instance 的產品

Google Cloud Platform 推出了類似於 Amazon EC2 的 Spot Instance 的產品,叫做 Preemptible VM:「Introducing Preemptible VMs, a new class of compute available at 70% off standard pricing」。

不同的是,沒有引入競價系統,而是固定的 discount。另外有一些限制,像是最多持續 24 小時:

The tradeoff is that Preemptible VMs are limited to a 24 hour runtime, and will sometimes be preempted (shut down) earlier than that.

而停機通知時間比 Spot Instance 短,只有 30 秒 (相較於 Spot Instance 有兩分鐘):

When Preemptible VMs are terminated, they'll receive a 30 second notice allowing you to shutdown cleanly (including saving work, if applicable).