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用 SessionGopher 拉出機器上各種密碼與 Key

同事在 Slack 上提到 fireeye/SessionGopher 這個工具,可以從機器上拉出各種敏感資訊: SessionGopher is a PowerShell tool that uses WMI to extract saved session information for remote access tools such as WinSCP, PuTTY, SuperPuTTY, FileZilla, and Microsoft Remote Desktop. It can be run remotely or locally. 方法是掃 … Continue reading

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透過 DNS TXT 傳遞指令的惡意程式

看到「New Fileless Malware Uses DNS Queries To Receive PowerShell Commands」這篇,所以是有人開始這樣惡搞了... Distributed through an email phishing campaign, the DNSMessenger attack is completely Fileless, as it does not involve writing files to the targeted system; instead, it uses DNS TXT messaging capabilities … Continue reading

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