MySQL 8.0 正式推出 (GA,General Availability)

Oracle 推出了 MySQL 8.0 (GA,General Availability):「MySQL 8.0 – Announcing GA of the MySQL Document Store」。在「What’s New in MySQL 8.0? (Generally Available)」這邊也花了一些篇幅介紹 MySQL 8.0 的新功能。


  • Descending Indexes
  • Information Schema (speed up)
  • Performance Schema (speed up)
  • INVISIBLE Indexes
  • Scaling Read/Write Workloads
  • Utilizing IO Capacity (Fast Storage)
  • Better Performance upon High Contention Loads (“hot rows”)

不過就實用性來說,效能的提昇還是最直接的... 接下來等 Percona 的人 porting 了。

Microsoft 與 GitHub 合作,將會把 GVFS 移植到 Linux 與 Mac 上

MicrosoftGitHub 合作將本來只有在 Windows 上可以用的 GVFS 移植到 LinuxMac 上:「Microsoft and GitHub team up to take Git virtual file system to macOS, Linux」。

GVFS 是解決微軟內部自己在用 Git 的痛處,因為微軟的 repository 都... 有... 點... 肥... (畢竟有不少產品發展了很久)。

目前 Git 的操作是卡在 I/O 與 memory cache 的限制上:

Also, Git wasn't designed for a codebase that was so large, either in terms of the number of files and version history for each file, or in terms of sheer size, coming in at more than 300GB. When using standard Git, working with the source repository was unacceptably slow. Common operations (such as checking which files have been modified) would take multiple minutes.

GVFS 的想法是有用到的部份再真的去拉,藉此大幅減少 I/O 需求...