Kagi 繼續提供老用戶 $120/y 的方案?

收到 Kagi 的信,因為我是 unlimited searches 年繳用戶:

You are receiving this email because you have a Kagi legacy annual subscription with unlimited searches.

聽起來是這個方案會持續讓我們用舊價錢 renew?

This is to inform you that you will be able to keep this plan upon renewal. There is no action needed on your end, and your subscription will automatically renew as normal.

不過就他列出來的理由來說有點怪就是了,想要看看 unlimited search 在財務上是否可行?但成本不是算一算就知道了嗎...

We have recently changed the pricing plans [1], adding more searches to our plans. Ultimately in the future, we want to go be able to offer unlimited searches on our Professional plan to the broader public again, when economics allow.

Previously your subscription was set to renew into Early-adopter Professional plan [2]. By allowing a subset of our users (like you) to keep unlimited searches, we can get insights if this will be indeed economically viable. So we have decided to prolong the renewal of the unlimited annual legacy plan for customers who already have them.

[1] https://blog.kagi.com/plan-changes
[2] https://blog.kagi.com/update-kagi-search-pricing#existing

現在的 unlimited search plan 是 US$25/mo,年繳是 85 折,換算是 US$21.25/mo。


既然是 prolong,聽起來隨時有機會收回去?

Tailscale 放鬆免費版的使用限制,以及商業版的計算方式

昨天在 Hacker News 上注意到的:「Changes to Tailscale Pricing and Plans (tailscale.com)」,Tailscale 宣佈了新的免費與收費方式 (直接叫做 Pricing v3):「Pricing v3, plans, packages, and debugging」。

這次有許多改變,首先是免費版本來只能一個使用者使用,現在變成三個使用者可以在同一個 tailnet 裡面,這對於超級早期的 startup 方便不少,另外家庭用戶也可以受益。

另外一個是擴大「免費」的定義,本來的「免費」只有在完全免費的方案裡面用,一個人是免費,但五個人會收五個人的費用;現在變成「既然在 Pricing v3 我說三個人以下免費,那五個人的方案裡面還是有三個免費的名額,我就只收額外的兩個人的費用」,而且只有 active user 才會收:

That is, if you have a 5-person team at work, the first three are still free. You’d pay for only the 2 additional users (and only if they’re active, more on that below).

然後是拔掉限制 (包括「No more limits on subnet routers」與「No more limits on admin accounts」),以及放鬆限制 (包括「More free nodes, and twice as many nodes per user」)。

所以看起來 Tailscale 現在的策略是成長,趁這波調價時做了一波 PR...

Twitter 的 API 收費方案出爐了

Twitter 上看到的公告:

然後這次的 prior notice 是 30 天:

而在「Use Cases, Tutorials, & Documentation」這頁上可以看到各種方案了:

可以看到付費方案對業餘開發者其實頗不友善,現在比較不確定的是這邊 free tier 提到的 write-only 是連自己的 timeline 都不能抓,還是指不能抓其他人的... 如果是前者的話就得用其他方法跑 twitter2facebooktwitter2plurk 了,或是乾脆跳船了?

Twitter 宣佈要廢掉免費的 API 權限

昨天下午的時候看到這則官方在 Twitter 上提到的消息,要廢掉 free tier 的 API access:

但這邊提到的 paid basic tier 的價錢還沒看到公告。以「API Pricing - It’s very dark out here」這邊看到的價格,目前的 premium plan 超級貴:

這下看起來是真的得搬了,目前有好幾隻程式在上面跑 :o

OpenAI 推出 ChatGPT Plus

OpenAI 提出了 ChatGPT 的付費方案:「Introducing ChatGPT Plus」。


ChatGPT Plus is available to customers in the United States, and we will begin the process of inviting people from our waitlist over the coming weeks. We plan to expand access and support to additional countries and regions soon.

公告的價錢是 US$20/mo,基本上就是保證使用權。這跟之前有傳言 US$42/mo 叫 Professional 的方案低了不少:「ChatGPT users report $42 a month pricing for ‘pro’ access but no official announcement yet」:

The new subscription plan, ChatGPT Plus, will be available for $20/month, and subscribers will receive a number of benefits:

  • General access to ChatGPT, even during peak times
  • Faster response times
  • Priority access to new features and improvements

應該是會訂起來用,光是現在 free tier 就已經找到一些常用的模式,可以省下不少時間...

Cloudflare 宣佈漲價

Cloudflare 寫了一篇很長的漲價公告:「Adjusting pricing, introducing annual plans, and accelerating innovation」。

25% 的漲幅,本來的 Pro Plan 從 $20/mo 漲到 $25/mo,本來的 Business Plan 從 $200/mo 漲到 $250/mo:

Cloudflare is raising prices for the first time in the last 12 years. Beginning January 15, 2023, new sign-ups will be charged $25 per month for our Pro Plan (up from $20 per month) and $250 per month for our Business Plan (up from $200 per month). Any paying customers who sign up before January 15, 2023, including any currently paying customers who signed up at any point over the last 12 years, will be grandfathered at the old monthly price until May 14, 2023.

然後丟出年費方案,就跟原來的月費方案寄算十二個月一樣的價錢 ($240/y 與 $2400/y):

We are also introducing an option to pay annually, rather than monthly, that we hope most customers will choose to switch to. Annual plans are available today and discounted from the new monthly rate to $240 per year for the Pro Plan (the equivalent of $20 per month, saving $60 per year) and $2,400 per year for the Business Plan (the equivalent of $200 per month, saving $600 per year). In other words, if you choose to pay annually for Cloudflare you can lock in our old monthly prices.


Heroku 的替代方案

八月的時候提到了 Heroku 要開始淘汰掉免費方案 (參考「Heroku 公佈了廢止免費方案的時間表),其中第一波的時間差不多要到了,也就是沒在用的帳號會先在 2022/10/26 開始拔。

在「Heroku Free Alternatives」這邊則是有人整理的各家的替代方案,除了先前提到的 Fly.io 以外,Render 也是個有聲量的方案。


Heroku 公佈了廢止免費方案的時間表

打開 Hacker News 看到的第一名,Heroku 公佈了廢止免費方案的時間表:「Removal of Heroku free product plans (heroku.com)」,文章在「Removal of Heroku Free Product Plans FAQ」。

沒在用的帳號會在 2022/10/26 開始刪,既有的帳號會在 2022/11/28 終止:

Focus on what's mission-critical: Removal of free dynos, hobby-dev Heroku Postgres and hobby-dev Heroku Data for Redis plans starting November 28, 2022 and inactive account deletion starting October 26, 2022.

取而代之的是針對特定團體條件性的開放,分成三類:學生、非營利組織以及 open source 專案。但前兩個目前方案都還沒出來,要晚點才會公佈;後面的 open source 專案則是要寄信申請。

不過現在好像沒什麼人在用 Heroku 了,大多都是因為以前有在用的人就繼續用,如果要講 "sexy" 的產品 (玩新東西的感覺),Fly.io 應該是比較常見的方案?

Slack 宣佈漲價

Slack 宣佈了漲價的計畫:「Everything you need to know about our first price change and plan updates」。

從今年九月開始漲價,Pro 的月費從 US$8 漲到 US$8.75 (+9.375%),年費從 US$80 漲到 US$87 (+8.75%):

On September 1, 2022, monthly Pro plans will increase from $8 USD to $8.75 USD per user per month, and annual Pro plans will increase from $6.67 USD to $7.25 USD per user per month (pricing for other countries is available here).

現有用戶有一次用原價 renew 一年的機會:

Current customers on an annual Pro plan can lock in the existing annual rate of $6.67 USD per user per month for another year by early-renewing the annual Pro plan before September 1.


Telegram 推出 Premium 方案

Telegram 宣佈推出 Premium 了:「700 Million Users and Telegram Premium」。看了一下有點長度,就直接放 iThome 的報導:「Telegram正式推出付費訂閱服務Telegram Premium」。

更新 Telegram 後就會在 Settings 裡面看到 Premium 的設定可以選,然後看起來走 IAP,我自己是在台灣的 iOS 上面買,NT$160/mo,裡面提到的功能基本上都用不到 (大概只有 no ads),但還是買起來...